Influencer Marketing Consulting

Over the past seven years I’ve designed my life around the concept of influencer marketing. I created my own major, Integrated Marketing and Communications at the University of Richmond, and interned in PR and social for a fashion jewelry design house, a Paris Fashion Week consulting agency, and the resort wear brand Lilly Pulitzer. I also developed/executed the influencer marketing strategy at Lilly Pulitzer as their Influencer Marketing Senior Associate, and managed brand partnerships with dozens of innovative companies for my own brand, Amy Believes in Pink. 

Through all of this experience, I’ve learned how valuable influencer marketing is, and how it can modernize your marketing strategy and propel your brand forward in the most authentic and organic way. It’s been my obsession and area of expertise for years, so I am now offering influencer marketing consulting services to everyone from small businesses to larger brands. 

What I Offer

I offer calls or in-person meetings (in the future!) that cover influencer marketing 101 education, brainstorming, and strategy. No matter where you are in your influencer marketing, I can share ideas, advice, strategy, and plans that will allow you to partner with influencers in the most efficient & creative ways, that boost your content, traffic, and revenue. 

If you’re interested in any free 30-minute introductory calls, feel free to fill out the below form, and I will get back to you within 48 hours!

Influencer Marketing Consulting
Influencer Marketing Consulting

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