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My Favorite Date Night Makeup Products

Here are some tried-and-true products that I promise you'll love as much a I do for a fab date night out!

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My Favorite Date Night Makeup Products

Johnny and I went on a dinner date last night to Maison Close in Soho, and it got me thinking about the products I always reach for when I’m wanting to feel a little extra shimmery and done up. The below are some tried-and-trues that I promise you’ll love as much a I do. There’s nothing like getting ready with a “dressing drink,” listening to Taylor, and feeling excited for a night out. ✨

NUXE Shimmer Dry Oil: I love that I can use this oil on my face, body, and hair. I actually picked it up at a French pharmacy on my girls’ trip to France over the fall, but it’s available in the US too. It gives me a natural shimmering glow (that’s not too glittery) with just a dab! Tip: use it on your collarbones to make them really pop.

Rare Beauty Liquid Blush {in “bliss”}: This blush comes in the prettiest soft, peachy pinky hue. It’s super versatile to wear for a flushed look in the winter, or a cherry blossom pink come spring. It’s buildable too, so I can easily refresh as needed throughout the day.

Physician’s Formula Eyeshadow {in “nude eyes”}: I use the six colors in this palette for a shimmery date night eyeshadow look! It totally reminds me of the Urban Decay Mini Naked Eyeshadow Palette, but it’s far more affordable (under $15) and even more sparkly. The colors aren’t too pigmented either, so it’s hard to mess up! Tip: use the lightest shade in the inner corner of your eyes to make your eyeballs look whiter + brighter.

Makeup Brush Set: Never underestimate the power of a good makeup brush! I’ve had this 20 piece set for a while and it has everything that I need– from a fluffy powder brush to chiseled contour one. The brushes are super soft, don’t shed, and you literally cannot beat the price. Five stars all around! Tip: use the lash comb to brush through your lashes and remove any mascara clumps.

YSL Lipstick {in “44 nude lavalliere”}: This warm nude color is high-shine and the perfect quiet luxury-looking pink. It’s shiny and kissable and doesn’t leave a mark– what more could you ask for for date night?! Tip: This makes the prettiest gift for a girlfriend because it’s something they probably wouldn’t usually splurge on but will use time and time again! This shade also looks stunning on every skin tone.

Forget the Filler {in “rosy outlook”}: I swear by this smoothing gloss as the final touch over the YSL lipstick! It’s a super-sheer baby pink that immediately plumps up your lips to make them more prominent. I’ve never gotten lip filler and swear by this instead! Tip: purchase the mini size to try it out first if you don’t believe me! 😉

DIME “Felt Cute” Perfume: This amber fragrance has sweet notes and is made with clean ingredients. Imagine if Lancôme’s La Vie Est Belle perfume had a baby with the Miss Dior perfume… that’s the scent! Warm vanilla meets crisp pear… a feminine, flirty dream! Also, could the name be any cuter for a date?!