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15 Holy Grail Amazon Beauty Products

I took some time to sort through my purchase history and solidify my top 15 holy grail beauty products!

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15 Holy Grail Amazon Beauty Products

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I’ve found myself ordering a ton of beauty products from Amazon recently, especially if I’m low on something and want to restock within two days (Amazon Prime in NYC is super fast and I can even get one-day shipping with it sometimes).

So I took some time to sort through my purchase history and solidify my top 15 holy grail (as in *repeat-purchases- absolutely-obsessed-tells-everyone-about-them*) products. You may have seen me, or even other influencers, mention some of these items as well, because so many of them have a really dedicated following!

I’ve also previously mentioned most of these in my nighttime skincare routine, 15-minute makeup routine , and many of my monthly Amazon roundups!

My Amazon Beauty Tried-and-Trues

ONE // I’ve had this $26 makeup case for years now and it has held up so well! It fits nearly all of my makeup and compartmentalizes it neatly (you can move the compartments around too).

TWO // Hands-down the most luxurious, rich, THICK, moisturizing cream I’ve ever tried and is like a tall glass of water for your skin. It’s been a plant-based popular brand since 1926!

THREE // This is the perfume I wear and always describe as a warm sugarplum fairy scent?! It’s a sweeter floral scent with notes of vanilla and sugar.

FOUR // This cleansing balm literally melts my makeup right off and leaves my skin feeling incredibly smooth afterwards. It’s one of the few products that I feel an immediate difference with!

FIVE // It’s difficult to beat the price and value of this mascara, which creates a ‘false lash’ effect that can really make it look like you’re wearing fake lashes!! Another fan-favorite with over 200k ratings!

SIX // I use this $10 Kabuki brush to apply my foundation— it smoothes it SO evenly & has the most amazing reviews/ratings to back it up! 

SEVEN // I started using this toothbrush this spring, and then visited the dentist and they said that I had some of the cleanest teeth they’ve ever seen and asked me what toothbrush I used! This toothbrush gives you the post-dentist type of clean feeling & has a built-in UV-C light to kill 99.9% of all germs.

EIGHT //  I absolutely SWEAR by the primer side of this mascara– it has a loyal following & has been proven to make lashes look 80% longer!

NINE // Here’s the $5 heat-protecting glove that I wear when I use my curling iron. I don’t curl my hair without it– it makes my hand resistant to all heat!

TEN // I use this 1.5″ curling wand (and have for years) to get the bigger loose curls that I do. It’s super easy once you get the hang of it– this tutorial is helpful when you’re starting out.

ELEVEN // This viral hair treatment is magic for repairing dry or damaged hair. The results are immediate it and I’ve always found myself with thicker, shinier, and stronger hair afterwards!

TWELVE // I keep these shaping masks in the fridge and will use one before I have an event or shoot– they 100% help to lift and sculpt my jawline. Read the reviews if you’re skeptical– they’re incredible!

THIRTEEN // The hair brush I use! I am seven years old and love the gel grip… it also has been amazing at detangling my hair, which you know is a FEAT if you’ve ever seen my bedhead.

FOURTEEN // This is the most moisturizing face sunscreen I’ve ever tried– it has a pretty opaque tint to it that acts like a glowy foundation but not as thick– with the protection of SPF 30 to boot!

FIFTEEN // I absolutely swear by using an ice roller every morning all over my face to de-puff it and sooth my jaw pain (I have TMJ). I keep it in the fridge or freezer and won’t do my makeup without using it first!