29 Fun Facts About Me for My 29th Birthday

In the spirit of turning one year older, but still keeping things interesting, here are 29 ~fun facts~ about me. Hope you get a kick out of them 😂

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It’s my 29th birthday today and I’m taking it easyyy and have planned my day to consist of grabbing a bagel and coffee and walking Central park, getting a head/neck massage, doing some work while watching throwback episodes of RHONY, and then having dinner with Johnny at a French spot in the city.

Hopefully this day sets the tone for age 29… 28 was wild (but incredible and the most memorable) and I’m really looking forward to taking it down a notch (I mean as much as I can lol), and prioritizing my faith, family, friends, and personal self care this upcoming year.

But in the spirit of turning one year older, but still keeping things interesting, here are 29 ~fun facts~ about me. Hope you get a kick out of them 😂. As always, thank you for being here, reading my posts, and supporting me through each crazy year!

  1. My middle name is the same as my sister’s Jacqueline, we were both named after my mom’s mom.
  2. I have a rogue extra half tooth behind one of my molars and no dentist has ever figured out how it got there or why I have it. 
  3. I majored in Integrated Marketing and Communications and minored in Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond.
  4. I grew up shopping the Lilly Pulitzer warehouse sales with my mom. She would let me skip school and we’d camp out in line at the huge sales they had in Pennsylvania. Then I ended up working on their marketing team after college. 
  5. My family has had three girl Old English Sheepdogs throughout my life— Betsy, Rosie, and of course Liberty, the love of our lives. 🥰
  6. I sneeze every time I tweeze my eyebrows. EVERY TIME. 
  7. Christmas is my favorite holiday and we had our Christmas tree up until March this year. 
  8. My favorite movies are Sweet Home Alabama and The Grinch (the Jim Carrey version). I can quote both pretty much all the way through. 
  9. I said I love you to Johnny first (thankfully he said it right back 😂).
  10. I played field hockey, lacrosse, and tennis during high school but in hindsight wish I had just done tennis and focused my other time on pursuing things I was more interested in (like painting, reading and writing). 
  11. I grew up sailing in the summers and just learned out how ski in 2021 (my skiing stamina is good for about one day and then I’m all about the aprés of it all).  
  12. I put a deposit down to go to college at Tulane in New Orleans during the spring of my senior year in high school, but then got off the waitlist at Richmond in May and switched to go there. It’s so crazy to think how my life would look different if I had gone to Tulane instead.
  13. I had a pet guinea pig growing up. His name was Elvis and I would carry him around in a Bitty Baby chest carrier/wrap. 
  14. I’m a 3w2 Enneagram and it is spot on.
  15. I lived in Philadelphia for three years after college before moving to NYC to move in with Johnny. 
  16. Growing up my parents always told my sister and me that we couldn’t live with a guy before we got married. Then they met Johnny and the rule went out the window lol. 
  17. My first word as a baby was “apple.”
  18. I’ve had the same favorite baby boy and girl names for years
  19. Now that I have some more time on my hands post-wedding, I want to learn some French. Lol wish me luck. 
  20. I donate to The Fresh Air Fund every year because we hosted a girl from their program for a number of summers when I was growing up. It’s an awesome organization.
  21. I’m not much of a foodie and prefer pizza over anything else. Along those same lines, I don’t really cook or bake BUT can make a mean spiked punch #priorities.
  22. I’ve seen each of Taylor Swift’s concert tours, and met her at one when I was in high school!
  23. Speaking of, our wedding first dance song was to “Enchanted” by Taylor. 🥰
  24. I started this blog in the fall of 2013, and originally named it “I Believe in Pink” after my favorite Audrey Hepburn quote.
  25. I made the decision to get baptized when I was nine years old, and did so at the church I grew up going to in Red Bank, NJ.
  26. My eyesight is horrible… -5.75 if that means anything to you.
  27. I’ve never been to California, but I’ve been to China lol.
  28. I studied abroad in Prague for the fall of my junior year of college and just LOVED IT. It’s a true fairytale city.
  29. My “word of the year” for 2022 is bliss. Read why here 😊