Hello! I am so looking forward to revealing my apartment bedroom décor soon, but before that I wanted to share the inspiration behind it, my major goals for the room, and some of the items I shopped and have ended up loving.

I envisioned the room being “bohemian glam” with touches of my past travels and my favorite beachy places, but with lots of elevated statement pieces that would give it a luxe and chic feel. My major goals were for it to be comfortable, functional, and personal.


I LOVE cozy things and snuggly spaces so I made sure that my room was as comfortable as possible. I focused on this by selecting gorgeous but comfortable Annie Selke bedding and pillow cases, adding a fluffy shag rug over the carpet, and putting multiple throws around for added texture and warmth. I also used soft, welcoming colors, like pink, white, and gold, to make it bright, airy, and relaxed.


I moved out ALL of my clothing and belongings from my home where I grew up and into this new apartment. In other words, I didn’t just bring my summer clothes or a few decorations, I brought the whole shebang. Although I did throw out and donate a bunch (which I mentioned in the end of my graduation blog post), I still ended up with a lot of my belongings. Therefore, I needed to make sure that it all fit in an organized and cohesive way. I did this by bringing two dressers for my folding clothes, raising my bed 7 inches off the ground to put wheelie storage bins all under my bed, and putting this step ladder in my closet so I could utilize the closet space all the way up to the ceiling.


My last major hope for the room was that it would reflect my life by displaying my favorite photos, places, and keepsake items. I have so many fun memories from college and growing up and wanted to display them throughout my room as happy reminders. I also wanted the room to share inspiration from my past travels and the islands I love the most, therefore I included books like this one and worked with Framebridge to frame photographs I took of three of my favorite beaches (p.s you can save 15% on your first Framebridge purchase is pink15). Also, I chose the Anna Cate Collection print called “Antigua” because I loved the colors in it and it’s one of my favorite islands.

Below is the inspiration board I put together when I started shopping for the room. My aim was for it to be all neutrals with white, gold, mirrored metallics, and pops of pink. It ended up including a whole lot more of hot pink than I had imagined (isn’t that how it always goes?! ?) but since that IS my “everything,” I thought that was only right. ☺️

Bohemian Glam Philadelphia Apartment Bedroom Inspo
I’ll be sharing all of the photos soon, so stay tuned and in the meantime shop some of the products that are in my bedroom below. xx