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Female-Founded Business Spotlight: Hattie of Hattie Banks

I had the joy of designing my dream little pink sapphire ring with the help of Hattie from Hattie Banks, & I'm spotlighting her gorgeous jewelry design business in this post!

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Hattie Banks custom pink sapphire ring

Hattie Banks custom pink sapphire ring

Hattie Banks custom pink sapphire ring

Hattie Banks custom pink sapphire ring

Hattie Banks custom pink sapphire ring

Hattie Banks custom pink sapphire ring

a ring

Hattie Banks custom pink sapphire ring

custom pink sapphire ring

Hattie Banks custom pink sapphire ring

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photography by the phenomenal Andrea Krout, who is a wedding & portrait photographer based on the Mainline in PA

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This post calls for a little bit of sparkle… it’s the second post in my series where I’m spotlighting female founded businesses– make sure to check out the first one, featuring Noni of Londiwe as well! 

I am spotlighting Hattie Gilpin of Hattie Banks

which is a New York City based jewelry brand. I connected with her about four months ago, and have so enjoyed getting to know her since then! Hattie’s brand, Hattie Banks was established in 2018, and creates sophisticated jewelry styles that are simple and classic. They are all so beautiful.

Hattie grew up on the coast of South Carolina, so many of her designs have a timeless, southern influence. And better yet, each one is handmade by her skilled artisans with ethically sourced stones. Hattie reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in working with her to design a custom ring, and I took a look at her past designs and couldn’t have said yes fast enough.

A quick backstory…

For the past two years, I’ve been looking for a simple, pink sapphire ring that I could stack with my gold college ring. For whatever reason I had this idea stuck in my head and was fixated on it. I never saw or found anything that felt right, and because the ring would be a piece I would wear every single day and not take off (the two other pieces that I wear every single day are my college ring and necklace), I knew I wanted it to be the perfect fit and feel completely me.

Turns out that sometimes in order to find a piece that is exactly what you want, you have to customize it. That’s why I’m so thrilled to share Hattie’s work and designs with you. She creates the most stunning, special, and radiant pieces. They are the ideal gift for a loved one (or yourself, in my case!), for a special moment in their lives like a momentous birthday, graduation, milestone, etc.

Hattie was able to design my dream little pink ring (that’s how I’m referring to it :)) and I couldn’t be more obsessed with how it turned out. And GUESS WHAT. The part that makes it even more exciting is that she released it to her website as well, so you now have the opportunity to get the ring as your own. Anyone want to be ring twins?!

Hattie Banks

It’s on the higher end of jewelry design (we are not talking costume jewelry in this case), and I so appreciate the quality of the stones and all of the pretty little details that went into creating it. Let me know what you think… and if you’re just as obsessed as I am.

And say you’re not in the market for a pink ring (I won’t be mad 😊), not to worry. You can reach out to Hattie via direct message on her Instagram, or through her email, and ask her about designing your own custom piece. She can make it happen and I promise you’ll have just as much fun as I did.

To get to know Hattie a little better, blow are a few questions I asked Hattie about Hattie Banks:

How did you first start designing jewelry?

“I first started designing jewelry in my apartment in New York. And I spent most of my time chasing beads and findings around my apartment (and to be completely honest at the time I didn’t know the technical terms for anything). I slowly learned by Youtube/Google and wandering into a jewelry store in the West Village and asking for a job/a mentor. Luckily, the jeweler took me under her wing and taught me the art of sales, product, and the admin side of jewelry.”

What makes Hattie Banks unique from other jewelry lines? 

“Hattie Banks is an elegant jewelry line that is inspired by the elegance of the south. Each piece is handmade using a consistent foundation of the highest quality materials – creating pieces that can be worn for years to come. Every design is delicately handmade by skilled artisans with ethically sourced stones and shells. From start to finish, each design passes through the hands of 10 skilled artisans. Each piece is made with the intention to be passed down to generations to come.”

What’s your favorite piece you have available now?

“I honestly can not answer that, I am a huge fan of wearing everything I design. I am literally a walking trunk show. :-)”

What was the process like for designing the custom pink ring?

“The process for the Pink Ring started by making a CAD (which is a 3D image that shows the piece from all angles). This is to ensure that the ring was beautiful from every angle and that the pink sapphires would dance from all angles. Once I created the CAD we sourced the stones, and made the Pink Ring in yellow gold. My team of skilled artisans set the stones, polished the ring, and of course photographed it in the studio. I then sent photos to you and sent it on its way!! Such a fun piece to create!”

Do you take custom orders often? If so, how does that work?

“I do – I specialize in custom orders! Custom orders are such a fun process for me but also for the customer. The process starts with a consultation phone call/coffee (depending on where our customer considers home). Once we have our consultation, I will start on the CAD. Then, our customer is able to make edits however they see fit. Once the CAD is approved, we will print the piece in a wax and send photos to our customer. I will then source the highest quality stones, make the piece in the desired metal and complete the piece. 

Once it’s created, I’ll send completed photos of the piece to ensure it is correct.  Then we mail the jewelry to its new home! It is such a special/intimate process for both parties.”

I’m so thankful to Hattie for reaching out and trusting my vision for the ring I’ve been envisioning for a while now. The pink sapphires are everything, and it truly is the sparkliest thing that I own now. I couldn’t recommend her more for any of your future custom ring design dreams! xx