Four Day Weekend destination guides and custom itineraries

This “Female Founded Business Spotlight” takes me back to high school when I first met Stephanie! Her mom was my tennis coach (I played varsity tennis from my sophomore-senior years, don’t be so surprised 😊) and Stephanie was a few years older than me. A few years later we ended up at the same college, in the same sorority, and have remained friends ever since!

Four Day Weekend destination guides and custom itineraries

^ Stephanie & her fiance– how cute are they?! 

Which is what makes it even sweeter to get to chat all about the new company she launched a few months ago, Four Day Weekend. The title alone was enough to pull me in, because who doesn’t love a four day weekend?! And that’s exactly the premise that her idea is built on…

About Four Day Weekend

Four Day Weekend is a modern-day travel consultancy, that offers both downloadable destination guides and custom itineraries, that allow you to experience your dream trip, without all the stress and hassle of planning it. I think of it as the travel agency for millennials (right, Steph?!) and it’s pretty much the coolest and most useful thing ever. Now don’t get me wrong, I love researching and planning trips (logistics really get me excited, it’s fine), but I’m in a season of life right now where the time to actually sit down and figure out a trip itinerary so is hard to come by. If you feel the same way, OR if you don’t like planning trips at ALL, then Four Day Weekend is for you.

You can either download one of their pre-made destination guides, that lay out a long weekend schedule for you, OR you can ask the Four Day Weekend team to create an entirely custom trip for you, for wherever you want to go! This is ideal for a romantic getaway, a girls weekend, a family birthday or graduation trip, a weekend-long Bachelorette party… you name it the type of trip you want and they can plan the itinerary around it. And yes, they can (and do!) plan trips that are longer than four days! 😊

Here’s a look at some of the already-made destination guides that you can download.

They have guides to Vail, the Jersey Shore (whoohoo!), Harbour Island (we went there for my mom’s 50th… LOVE), New York City, Martha’s Vineyard…

Four Day Weekend destination guides and custom itineraries

And below you can see the process for having a custom guide created for you. Basically, you decide where you want to go (Four Day Weekend can help with that decision as well!), have a one-on-one consultation with your Four Day Weekend travel planner where you talk about your preferences and expectations for the trip, and then they design an itinerary that caters to your personality and travel taste! You can even upgrade and have them book the entire trip for you… the dream!

destination guides and custom itineraries

Sounds expensive, right?! Not.

That’s another thing that I grasped onto when Stephanie explained the concept of the company to me a few months ago. The custom guides start at $30, which is such an attainable and value-packed cost.

My boyfriend, Johnny, and I tried it out for ourselves when we asked Four Day Weekend to design a custom guide for a fall-themed weekend trip based right outside of Philadelphia. You can get a peek of our itinerary below. It included a mix of all of our favorite things– a hike outside, drinks in a vineyard, cozy dinners, and time for sleeping in and taking naps in between it all. 😊

We had planned to follow this guide exactly, but ended up mixing in some of the recommendations with the additional activities that the PR team from the HOTEL DU PONT recommended to us as well. That’s another thing that I love about the FDW process– you can follow the final itinerary as little or as much as you want to! Take a look at the final version of our trip in this blog post… you’ll see that the hike we did in Brandywine Creek State Park stood out to us as a highlight of the weekend, and that was a recommendation from Four Day Weekend!

destination guides and custom itineraries

Convinced to try it yet?

Have a fun spot in mind that you’re dying to visit, but just haven’t figured out when you’ll have time to plan it? DM @fourday_weekend or contact them here to let them know and they will take it from there. It’s like, so easy. 😊

Stephanie, I’m so impressed by (and clearly obsessed with!) your company and cannot wait to hear from the people I know who end up trying it and loving the trip that Four Day Weekend plans for them!

Do you have any questions about the service or our experience?! Let me know! xx