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January Amazon Prime Picks

Rounding up this month's Amazon picks, including my monitor, insanely comfortable joggers, & a $21 fleece pullover!

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January Amazon Prime Picks

This Month’s Amazon Picks

Hello and welcome to this month’s roundup of my favorite Amazon finds! I look forward to putting this post together every month, because as you know, I thrive 😊 when it comes to hunting through tons of products to find the best deals and quality! Browsing Amazon while watching the Real Housewives is truly my happy place.

Per usual, I took this month’s Amazon finds directly from my recent purchases and therefore you’ll see a full range of items– everything from a chunky knit sweater to a ruffle swimsuit, as I am still in Florida but am heading back to NYC this week.

You can see all of my former finds via the Amazon category on my site, my Amazon Instagram story highlight, or my Amazon storefront— all provide different ways to view and shop everything! Have fun looking through these– there are so many staple Amazon items in here (like my new monitor!) that I will use for years to come! xx


fleece popover jacket {$21, wearing size S, runs a bit small, size up one size}

You guys, I seriously cannot get over the fact that this fleece pullover is only $21!! It snaps, has pockets, and is very soft (it’s fleece on the inside too!) but still light enough that you’d easily be able to wear it into the spring. It comes in six colors/prints and here are the coordinating fleece sweatpants as well!

Amazon lightweight jogger pants
Amazon lightweight jogger pants

lightweight jogger pants {$29, wearing size XS, run TTS}

Look no further for your new favorite pair of joggers!! These are beyond smooth and stretchy, the waistband is comfortable and nonintrusive, and they are just what I want to be in for working from home or being in a car for a long period of time.

Amazon 2 pack of short sleeve t-shirts
Amazon 2 pack of short sleeve t-shirts

2-pack short sleeve t-shirts {$17 for 2, wearing size S, run TTS}

Okay, I love love these t-shirts. They’re simple but exactly the type of thing that I want to throw on underneath a Sherpa or big sweater to work from home. They come in a TON of color packs, but I went with the “olive/oatmeal heather” as everyday staples. They are not see-through, don’t shrink after drying, and have over 17,000 ratings and nearly five stars!

Amazon turtleneck balloon sleeve sweater

turtleneck balloon sleeve sweater {$37, wearing size XS, runs TTS}

I was so drawn to the oversized, slouchy fit of this sweater as I head back to NYC and will be snuggled up in the colder weather there! It comes in a bunch of cute color and style variations, and is the ideal sweater to wear with black or even white jeans!

Amazon v-neck ruffle swimsuit

v neck ruffle swimsuit {$27, wearing size XS, runs TTS}

I always keep an eye out for a classic one piece, and of course the ruffle on this one immediately caught my attention. The v-neck is extremely flattering and though it comes in a bunch of colors, I got the green because it reminded me of tropical palm foliage!

Amazon cordless leaf blower/vacuum

cordless leaf blower/vacuum {$80}

I got this leaf blower for my parents for Christmas for our back patio in Florida, which accumulates leaves and some dirt. It’s mini enough that it can fit into a closet inside the house, but really packs a punch when it’s turned on! We use it at least a few times a week to clean up our patio, and we’ve even used the vacuum feature to get rid of sand in a car! It’s a super convenient two-in-one design and the small size makes it so easy to use.

Amazon HP monitor

HP Monitor {$200, use with this HDMI cable to connect it to my Macbook air}

I actually bought this monitor back in December when I was trying to knock out a bunch of holiday content and wanted to quicken my pace. 😊 My sister already had it and she loves it, so I knew I would too. I ordered it along with this HDMI cable and it works with my Macbook air perfectly, so that I can have dual screens and work literally twice as fast. It’s huge, has such a vibrant picture, and is all white so that it’s not such an eye sore in my office space. I highly recommend it if you’re in the market for a monitor!

Amazon 6-pack pastel highlighters

6 pack pastel highlighters {$7}

I am going to try to start reading more this year, especially as I fall asleep, so these caught my attention. I’m a big highlighter fan (especially for my devotionals!) so I scooped up this pack of gorgeous highlighters to brighten up my reading! Also, are all of the books I’ve saved to my Amazon page.

Amazon pink rollerblades

Rollerblades {$95, the size 5-8 fits like a women’s 5-8 and they’re adjustable}

Johnny’s mom recently found these roller skates at a local inline skating place in Vero Beach (feel free to give them a call to see if they’re still in stock there!), but I found them in stock on Amazon as well! The 5-8 size fits like a women’s size 5-8 as the sizes are completely adjustable on the side of the blades. They are extremely comfortable and the ideal starter blades if you want to get into roller blading!

Amazon roller skating helmet

roller skate helmet {$33}

This is the helmet I got to go with my new rollerblades– it’s recommended for skating, can be adjusted to fit your head snug, and has over 5k ratings and nearly five stars. Shop the Post