Vero Beach, FL

Lisi Lerch Spring Collection

Sharing my top 15 favorite photos from my recent photoshoot for Lisi Lerch's spring collection... & then basically gushing the rest of the post. 😊

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All accessories linked at the end of the post & all images taken by Nicki Pasqualone

Lisi Lerch Spring Collection statement accessories

Jaye’s Studio Sleep Shirt

Cabana Life Dress

Cabana Life Romper

Lisi Lerch Spring Collection

Sailor Sailor Dress

Lisi Lerch Spring Collection

J. Marie Collections Dress 

Cabana Life Swimsuit | Karen Walker Sunglasses 

Lisi Lerch Spring Collection

Sarah Campbell Dress | Red Dress Boutique Wedges

Lisi Lerch Spring Collection

HIHO Dress

Lisi Lerch statement earrings and accessories

Brooke Wright Dress

Lisi Lerch Spring Collection
Lisi Lerch Spring Collection

Dudley Stephens Top

Tyler Boe Dress

Lisi Lerch Spring Collection
Lisi Lerch Spring Collection

Bella Tu Dress


I’m guilty of totally falling in the category of “more is more” when it comes to statement accessories. And thankfully, Lisi Lerch fulfills my craving for outfit-making jewelry and bags. I mean, I have to get my fix somewhere. 😉

I was fortunate enough to model in the photoshoot for their spring collection, which we shot in Vero Beach, Florida. The jewelry and bags from the Lisi Lerch spring collection are colorful, stylish, and beachy—all things that come to mind when I think of Vero. So when I was brainstorming with them on the ideal spot for the shoot, Vero Beach was the obvious choice. It was also an excuse for me to spend a 24 hours there at the end of January. And you know I’ll take any chance to get my booty there in the winter months!

We shot at the absolutely gorgeous Costa d’Este resort, which I wrote all about in my recent Vero Beach Travel Guide post. The property is right in town, and I’ve walked past it a bunch of times, but never knew truly stunning it was! It made the perfect backdrop for the variety of outfits and accessories that we styled and photographed throughout the day. We shot with Nicki Pasqualone, who was a true delight to work with. I would highly recommend her if you ever have any professional photographer needs in the Vero area (she’s from Sebastian, FL, as an FYI as well). Anyone who can quickly adjust to my “work hard now, cocktail later” mentality is a friend of mine. 😊

Lisi Lerch Spring Collection Favorites

We shot hundreds of photos, and I challenged myself to narrow down my top 15 favorites—of either the outfits or the accessories themselves! The winners are in the images above. Many of the styles in this post have either recently launched or are launching throughout this month. So I will continue to link them here as they go live on the Lisi Lerch website.

It was such a fun day of rapid-fire changing, oo-ing and aah-ing over all of the gorgeous dresses and accessories, and getting to help a brand I have loved and admired for years. I was truly in my element and very thankful for the experience. Much love to the sweet LL team for thinking of me for the shoot (and trusting my vision for Vero Beach!) and all of the adorable brands and boutiques who gifted us the fun styles to play dress up with. My inner 6-year-old self is so thrilled that this gets to be such a huge part of my life now.

The most amount of love goes out to all of YOU for following along with me, reading my posts, and supporting this dream blog of mine. I seriously could never thank you enough, and only hope to provide helpful, meaningful, and inspiring (though realistic) advice and support to you. It’s coming more and more of my reality day by day, and I cannot wait to see what’s next. xx

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