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My Experience with ClearCorrect Aligners

Learn all about the difference between Invisalign and ClearCorrect aligners, and my experience straightening my teeth!

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Clearcorrect vs Invisalign teeth cosmetics

I am now on the other side of my journey to straight teeth, and feel like I can give a full review of my experience! For some backstory before we dive in, I first had braces when I was in middle school and they were successful in straightening out my teeth and correcting my bite. But then in high school I developed TMJ and had to get a retainer to correct that, in which case I started wearing a new retainer when I slept and my teeth ultimately shifted a bit.

SO throughout college I began to notice that my teeth (especially my bottom ones) began to overlap. It’s funny because it’s especially noticeable when someone looks at my face from above me, which is mostly everyone since I’m 5′ tall. 😂 ALSO the videos I share on my Instagram stories literally look right down on my bottom teeth lol.

It’s been bothering me for years, and once Johnny and I got engaged I decided that I need to finally take care of it and straighten my teeth out for good. Luckily the dentist that I’ve been seeing ever since I moved to New York City, Dr. Max Blondman of Blondman Dental, specializes in cosmetic dentistry and TMJ, so I could get aligners while also maintaining the health of my jaw so that my TMJ didn’t flare up again.

ClearCorrect vs Invisalign

When I decided to get teeth aligners to straighten out my teeth, Dr. Max and I went through the options and I decided to go with ClearCorrect, instead of Invisalign, for a few reasons:

  • Invisalign uses a process where they 3D print the teeth molding trays (AKA the clear ‘retainers’ that you wear to correct your teeth) and sometimes you can see lines in them, whereas ClearCorrect trays are clearer and thus less visible when you’re wearing them.
  • ClearCorrect trays go up higher on your gums than Invisalign trays do, so you can have less of a lisp with them and they can feel like a more seamless fit in your mouth. Because of that, Dr. Max can put less attachments on your teeth to make the aligners stay in place, which is awesome because that means less things sticking to your teeth. 😂
  • Since ClearCorrect aligner trays go up higher on your gums, they can actually be stronger than Invisalign aligners and thus using them can take a shorter amount of time to achieve the straight teeth you’re aiming for!

Here’s some additional information re: ClearCorrect, taken from this page on Blondman Dental’s website:

Clearcorrect vs Invisalign teeth cosmetics

I ended up wearing six different ClearCorrect trays– each set of trays gradually shift your teeth into place until they’re where you want them to be. I tried to wear them around 20 hours a day and only took them out for meals (people usually lose weight when they start this process, since it’s not as easy to grab a snack!) . I had the trays in from June 2022-January 2023 and then once I was satisfied with the results, Dr. Max fitted me for a retainer that I would wear during the night moving forward to keep my top and bottom teeth straight and prevent me from clenching my jaw or grinding my teeth at night, which triggers my TMJ and jaw pain.

Get you a dentist that can do both!! 😊

Clearcorrect vs Invisalign teeth cosmetics
In the ‘before’ photo, notice that my teeth are crooked/overlapping on the bottom, I have a chip in my upper right tooth, and my top teeth don’t align perfectly with my bottom teeth.
Clearcorrect vs Invisalign teeth cosmetics
A model of what my teeth look like now, after my ClearCorrect journey! Dr. Max was a perfectionist through and through.
Clearcorrect vs Invisalign teeth cosmetics
Here’s Dr. Max’s contact information, as well as a peek of their dental office
Clearcorrect vs Invisalign teeth cosmetics
I’m especially happy that I went through this process because this was basically me our entire wedding 😂

A Special Offer for You

When I finished the process in January I told Dr. Max that my teeth looked fake they were so perfect. Since I truly couldn’t be happier with my results, I asked Dr. Max if he could provide an offer for you all! His office is located in the Upper East Side for all of my NYC peeps.

On Tuesday, May 9th, Blondman Dental is hosting a ClearCorrect day in which you can come into their office for a (free!) consultation and learn wha the ClearCorrect process would look like for your teeth. Then if you commit to going though with it on the 9th, you will receive $1,000 off your treatment, which is huge.

I know personally that this is absolutely worth the cost (especially since the process comes with a retainer that you can wear your entire life!), and I’m so excited that Dr. Blondman is now offering this generous discount.

  • Date: Tuesday, May 9th
  • Location: 129 E 69th St, New York, NY 10021
  • Time: Call 212-772-3201 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Max from 8:30am-4:00 pm EST that day
  • Special Offer: If you commit to a treatment that day, you get $1000 off!

Had to include this photo from Dr. Max’s website of him and his darling family!

Clearcorrect vs Invisalign teeth cosmetics

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