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Our Apartment Inspiration

Sharing a look at the inspiration behind the design for our apartment living room, bedroom, & my office area, + a ton of links to items I've been shopping.

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NYC apartment inspiration board

rug // dotted tumblers // pendant light

Our Apartment Inspiration

Last week I kicked off my apartment design series by introducing our interior designer, Adnan Anwar (be sure to start with that post first!). Now it’s on to the inspiration behind the design…

 I feel like I’ve been collecting inspiration for this apartment for years 😊 (I’m a huge believer in manifesting that way, I promise I’m not that crazy), and I would say that I’m going for a “Palm Beach meets Manhattan” vibe (humor me 😊). So after lots saves to my apartment Pinterest board and screenshots from Instagram, I put together the below inspiration/mood boards. 

They correspond with three different rooms/areas of our apartment– the living room, bedroom, and my office ‘nook’ (I won’t have my own designated room for my office, but more like a desk/nook instead). 

I whipped these up in Canva, and they really helped me visualize, and communicate to Adnan, what design style I’m looking for in each part of the apartment. Overall the color scheme will be lots of white, blues, greens, and pops of gold. We will choose fabric based off of what makes us happiest, and artwork based on our favorite places and things. It’s a simple concept and we’re trying to stick to it, to make the apartment a reflection of ourselves and a really personalized and happy space. 

Johnny’s main priority is comfort, and course I am just excited about the whole design process 😊, so Adnan has really helped me to merry the two together so that it’s a beautifully comfortable space. I will be sharing our exact plans for it, and then of course the full reveal once we move in. In the meantime, here are the inspiration boards + a few comments on them, below. Plus, tons of links to all of the items I’ve been eyeing! xx

I’d love for our living space to be a little bit more whimsical and chic– lots of acrylic, gold, and PRINT! 

Blue, white, and green living room inspiration

My vision is for our bedroom is to be full of softer tones and lots of neutral, coastal touches like rattan and linen.

Blue, white, and rattan bedroom inspiration

Anddd here’s where the pop of pink comes in 😊–  I’m aiming for my desk area to be bold, inspiring, & lively!

Pink, gold, and white apartment office

Apartment Items We’re Loving

Over the past few months I’ve been saving the links to all of the items I’ve been eyeing and loving in the ‘Apartment’ section under the ‘Décor’ tab on this site, as well as in the ‘Apartment’ section of my Amazon storefront. I will link everything here for you too– it’s all so much fun to look through! xx