Sephora Beauty Insider Sale!

Rounding up the top ten beauty products I would re-purchase during the Sephora Beauty Insider Sale, & breaking down what the insider program even entails! Read More

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Sephora Spring Beauty Insider Sale

The best of the Sephora sale…

one // two {in shade ‘Orgasm} // three {in the shade ‘Shady Biz’} // four // five {in the shade 210 ‘Chai 210B’} // six {includes all 8 products!} // seven {I mix this with #9 & put it on my face!} // eight // nine {I use the shade ‘dark’} // ten

I recently made the overly-bronzed debut into the Beauty blogging world 😊with my “Current Makeup Routine” post and the newly installed Beauty category on the site! In other words, I will now be sharing my favorites in the beauty world, and that of course starts with Sephora. 😊

Sephora only has a few major sales every year, one of which is going on right now. So many of my most beloved products, that I’ve purchased time and time again from Sephora are on sale. So I rounded up my top ten recommendations above to make it easy for you. They’re all products I would be repeat purchasing if I was low on them right now.

You’ll see my eyeliner that makes the most perfect winged line, a duo of blush + bronzer that’s so natural and radiant, the foundation I use that literally gives you a filtered look, the dreamiest, most luxurious lip balm out there, a set of 8 top-rated summer-ready products for $25, and the trio of cream/tanning products that I swear by for a sun-kissed glow!

Below is a little more info about how you can get these items on sale…

Sephora Spring Beauty Insider Sale

Beauty Insider Points Program

I’ve been a loyal Sephora shopper for years, and absolutely swear by their Beauty Insider points program. I think they set the gold standard for a brand rewards program and it’s made me a loyal customer time and time again.

Here’s the simplified scoop:

There are three tiers depending on how much you spend: Beauty Insider, VIB, and VIB Rouge. Whenever you make a purchase, you can accumulate points to use to redeem beauty product gifts and get to the next level of their reward program.

The above graphic shows when the sale is available to you, depending on which points tier you’re in, and below is a breakdown of the three tiers:

  • Beauty Insider: No yearly spend requirement, just sign up with your email here!
  • VIB: You spend $350+ at Sephora within the year & then you earn 1.25 points for every $1 you spend
  • VIB Rouge: You spend $1,000+ at Sephora within the year & then you earn 1.5 points for every $1 you spend + free 2-day shipping on every order + special perks like early access to products & events

I am part of their ‘VIB’ tier and am seriously obsessed with using my points to get free new products to try out. Almost every time I make a purchase from Sephora, I get a few of their free samples and then use my points to get a new mini product of something to try. I usually forget which samples/points product I choose, and they end up being a little surprise when I open my Sephora package 😊, which I love!

The bottom line: it doesn’t cost any money (besides what you spend per year) to be in their reward’s program and is SO worth doing so. Plus, this sale is open to everyone who’s in the program, so sign up & get shopping! xx

Sephora Spring Beauty Insider Sale