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10 Beauty Products to Beat Winter Weather

Here are ten products (a combination of drugstore finds and splurges) that are all about rich moisture and dewy, clear complexions to combat the winter weather!

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10 Beauty Products to Beat Winter Dryness

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We turned our heat on in our apartment for the first time this week and I think we’re finally rounding the corner into more winter and less fall. Now that I’m doing a ton of walking outside too, my skin has already been feeling the affects of city life and colder weather and I’ve had a weird combination of breakouts + dry patches… the best. 😊

That of course had me perusing the Sephora sale looking for ultra-hydrating but non-irritating products, as well as pulling some of my go-tos to the front of my medicine cabinet (where I now keep all of my products). Thus, I was inspired to put all of my findings together in this post!

Here are ten products that are all about rich moisture and dewy, clear complexions, both of which I’m going for right now to combat the weather. They’re a combination of drugstore finds and splurges, and some were featured in my nighttime skincare routine and daytime skincare routine blog posts as well (so they’re tried and trues).

I know I’ll be referring back to this post over the next six months-ish and am personally happy to have all of these cold weather fighting products in one place, so here’s to wishing it helps you too! xx

ONE // As for my most-hydrating face mask, I cannot recommend this Bliss Mega-Moisturizing Lavender Honey Mask any more! It’s the same look and feel as actual honey and smells like soothing lavender. You’re supposed to put a thick layer on for 10-15 minutes, and I will do that once a week, and then occasionally put on a thin layer after my skincare routine at night and sleep with it on. It provides such deep moisture, like a mask only can… really leaving my skin feeling dewy and so refreshed when I wash it off!

TWO // You know when your lips get so dry and cracked to the point where your lipgloss or lipstick would look like clown makeup if you tried to put it on?! This Fresh Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator is the solution to that. I take a tiny pinch and gently rub it into my lips for about  30 seconds and then wipe it off with a warm wash cloth. It leaves them feeling amazingly soft & ready for balm + a gloss or lipstick.

THREE // I’ve been on the search for a lip mask to put on to sleep in, and this Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask has over 500k loves on Sephora, so I’m pretty sure this is it! 😊 It’s created to lock in vitamin C and antioxidants on your skin and have you waking up with supple and highly moisturized lips!

FOUR // Oftentimes I’ve found that my makeup doesn’t stay as well when I’ve layered on a ton of moisturizing products, so I was thrilled when I found this Laneige Glowy Makeup Serum, which is both hydrating and makes your makeup last longer. It’s filled with their ‘Diamond Mineral Powder’ that creates a visible glow and smooths your skin’s appearance! The reviews of it are phenomenal— adding it to my cart right now.

FIVE // This Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream is über moisturizing and I always grab to put on before my makeup when my skin is feeling dry. It’s proven to reduce wrinkles, because it includes Charlotte Tilbury’s magic formula, which entails peptides, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C + E, which really plumps my skin up and makes it look a lot bouncier and hydrated. I’ve found that my makeup goes on SO much smoother after I use this beforehand!

SIX // I cannot get over how this Nivea Vanilla & Almond Oil Infused Body Lotion feels on my skin! It’s infused with almond oil and that gives it such a silky, intensely moisturizing feel and I slather it all over whenever I get out of the shower. It’s less than $6 too so you honestly cannot beat that for how luxurious this feels!

SEVEN // I tried out this Nécessaire ‘The Hand Cream’ and liked it so much that I got it for myself and my sister! My hands are constantly getting dry and cracked at this time of year, and this is very lightweight, unscented, and doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy, which is hard to find in a hand cream. It’s also in the chicest packaging ever, so it makes the prettiest addition to your tote or desk.

EIGHT // Speaking of lip balm, this Sugar Advanced Therapy Treatment Lip Balm will forever be the most moisturizing of all the balms out there. It seriously feels like BUTTER and goes on smoother than anything. It’s also been proven to reduce fine lines around your lips and define the look of them! It’s pricey but once you try it you’ll understand why.

NINE // Is your skin ever so dry that you just want to take an entire Vaseline jar to it?! 😊 This Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream is hands-down the most luxurious, rich, THICK, moisturizing cream I’ve ever tried and is like a tall glass of water for your skin, without making you break out. It actually first launched in 1926 and has been a plant-based cult favorite ever since. Seriously, if all else fails, this will hydrate your skin. It’s under $20 too!

TEN // I use two spritzes of this Fresh Rose Floral Toner on a freshly washed face each morning and it’s like a refreshing glass of water for my skin! It hits my skin with some moisture and brings it to its natural acidic state so that it’s “prepped” for the product I put on after it. It can also be used as a spritz throughout the day to add a touch of hydration to your skin! The 60 ml bottle (only $15) is a great way to test it out. Shop the Post