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My Daytime Skincare Routine

This is the second post in my skincare routine and walks through each of the face product I use each morning.

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Skincare routine for women in their 20s

I wanted to follow up on my last skincare focused blog post, which describes the daily routine I do every night that has completely transformed my skin (see that post for before/after photos!).

In conjunction with that, I also have a routine that I do each morning, which you’ll see detailed in this post. It essentially does all the things– cleanses my face, tones and preps it for product, brightens it up, nourishes and moisturizes it, and protects it from any outside elements (like the sun + blue light).

Simply put, this routine, in conjunction with my nighttime one, has completely transformed my face in the last eight months (see another before/after in this Instagram as well!). After trying many, many products, here are my tried-and-true-cannot-live-without-OMG-that-WORKS product recommendations from this journey to solidify a full skincare routine that does wonders for my 26-year-old skin!


TULA The Cult Classic Purifying Face Cleanser— This is one of TULA’s top selling products, for good reason. It’s a gentle, gel-based cleanser that removes all product (i.e. the skincare you slept in the night before) and is packed with probiotics (which TULA is known for) and lactic acid that purifies the skin without over-drying it. It’s a simple and effective way to wash your face each morning, and it should work for all skin types! {This is not sponsored, but I do have a discount code I wanted to include that TULA has given to me before– ‘BELIEVESINPINK’ for 15% off anything at TULA.}


Fresh Rose Floral Toner—  Ah… two spritzes of this on a freshly washed face is like a refreshing glass of water for my skin each morning! It has a delicate (non irritating) rose scent that is so lovely, and I use it as a gentler, lighter toner in the AM (as opposed to the Peter Thomas Roth toner I use in the PM). I talked about this more in my nighttime skincare routine post, but toner is an essential part in your skincare routine (and one that I didn’t know anything about before I started reading more about it). Essentially, toner is meant to hit your skin with some moisture and bring it to its natural acidic state so that it’s “prepped” for the product you put on after it. This light mist does exactly that and can also be used as a spritz throughout the day to add a touch of hydration to your skin! The 60 ml bottle (only $15) is a great way to test it out.


AVON Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum— This is my holy grail vitamin C brightening serum, and I’ve tried a lot of vitamin C products. It’s packed with the Vitamin C of 30 oranges (!!!) and is the type of product that you can feel working once you apply it (it gives off a slight tingle which feels great on my face). It energizes my skin whenever I’m tired (most days 😊) and visibly improves my skin’s texture and makes it GLOW. This could very well be my favorite product in this post!


TULA Dew Your Thing Oil-Free Gel Cream— If you’re looking for a light, bouncy face cream that’s oil-free but still manages to give you a dewy glow, this is IT. It works for all skin types and I’ve actually seen that it helps soothe any redness that I have and leaves my skin completely smooth for when I put on sunscreen and then primer (more on those below!). This is the ideal, everyday dewy face cream. {Use the code ‘BELIEVESINPINK’ for 15% off anything at TULA.}


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream— I’ve seen this cream receive SO much love on Instagram that I was influenced to try it out… and now I understand the hype. It is über moisturizing and I always grab it when my skin is feeling dry. It’s proved to reduce wrinkles, because it includes Charlotte Tilbury’s magic formula, which entails peptides, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C + E (so many good things packed in one moisturizer)! I’ve found that it really plumps my skin up and makes it look a lot bouncier and hydrated. Charlotte Tilbury is an award winning makeup artist (she’s all about a glowy, shimmery look which of course I love 😊) so it’s worth taking a look at all of her best selling products as well!

After this step I either use this ice roller (that I keep in the fridge) or this rose quartz facial roller (it vibrates!) all over my face/jaw. I use them both in upward movements all along my jaw line, cheeks, and forehead, and they really make the product that I applied soak in. They are also unbelievably helpful for de-puffing (especially the ice roller!) and reducing any jaw pain I have (which I talked more about in this post).


TULA Protect + Glow Daily Sunscreen Gel Broad Spectrum SPF 30— Speaking of glowy… I discovered this sunscreen this summer and am already onto my second tube of it because I’m so obsessed and put it on nearly every single day. It has the prettiest, softest shimmer to it that wears so well by itself or underneath foundation (it’s not greasy at all and won’t clog pores!). It also protects from pollution and blue light, so there’s no reason not to wear it every single day. I never thought a sunscreen could be this pretty!! Highly recommend trying it out. {Use the code ‘BELIEVESINPINK’ for 15% off anything at TULA.}


Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40— This is pretty much the opposite of the sunscreen I described above 😊 but yet is just as good for different reasons. It goes on in a crazy smooth way and is invisible once it does. No shimmer, no tint, no residue, nothing! It’s as light and ‘unseen’ as a product can be. I put it on underneath my makeup when I’m going to be in makeup for 12+ hours and want a smooth, flawless look with no shimmer. The texture of it is hard to describe, but really gives off a velvety feel. If you’re looking for a sunscreen that is completely invisible, this is it!

After This Routine…

Ok, now you’re totally caught up on my full nighttime and daytime skincare routines! 😊 After my skin is prepped with this routine each morning, I use this blurring primer to prep my skin for foundation and then I go into my everyday makeup routine.

 In sum, I looked for skincare routines for women in their 20s everywhere, and finally decided that I wanted to create one and share it myself, so I hope this is helpful and leaves a lot of the guessing/testing work out for you! I’m constantly researching and trying out new products, so don’t be surprised if you see me testing out or sharing others, and updating these posts as I make small adjustments in the future as well! xx Shop the Post