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15 Items I’d Pack for My Dorm Room

Sharing the items I would be bringing for my dorm if I was heading to college this year– as well as some of my past dorm room tour blog posts!

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15 Items to Pack for Your Dorm Room

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Dorm Room Necessities

Ok… so how old is too old to still be blogging about college dorm rooms?! I’m pretending to be 27 going on 17 for this post, but know that many of you are heading to college soon and I never have an issue pretending I am too. 🙂 Not to mention, I received a text and a DM from my mom, saying that I should really be sharing a full post on dorm room essentials. What Deb wants she gets (she always knows best anyways).  I’ve covered a lot about dorm rooms in the past, including my ‘Dorm Room 101‘ blog post (which details everything you need to know to take your dorm room to the next level), my ‘Dorm Room Decor Tips & Where to Shop‘ post (which shares my top five tips for your dorm room), and my ‘A Look Back at My College Dorm Rooms‘ post (which links back to room tours of each of my dorms)! This post dials in on the items I would be bringing if I was heading to college this year– some of them are tried-and-true favorites that were included in all of my dorm rooms (like my beloved mattress pads and twinkle lights!), whereas a few are new items that I would have loved to have in my dorms (like this cosmetic storage case!).  If you’re heading back to college this year, I am totally jealous but hope this post helps you turn a standard dorm into a cozy oasis that is so YOU. xx

p.s. If you’re looking for more insight into my college experience, head over to my ‘How to Start the School Year Off on a Positive Note‘ post!

Chic & Cozy Dorm Decor

One // Ok how cute is this cosmetic storage case?! I don’t think this existed when I was in college or else I would have wanted it!!

Two // I loved to stick a rolling storage cart next to my desk or in my closet for additional drawer space! This one is only $12!

Three // In all of my dorm rooms I had a white shag rug (I would just use Scotchguard to protect it from stains!) and it really lightened up the whole room.

Four // I always opted for a plastic shower caddy because I felt like they held up better! This one is $17 & too cute.

Five // Here’s a really soft option for a white duvet cover to pair with any colored quilt! HomeGoods always has good white duvet options too.

Six // I found that Dormify has so many fun prints like this one for your walls from a ton of artists– and they’re all currently on SALE.

Seven // Another trick to really make it as cozy as possible is to use Command Hooks to hang white twinkle lights around the perimeter of the ceiling! So calming…

Eight // I’ve always used little trinket dishes for my jewelry and they’re perfect for a dorm nightstand or desk.

Nine // These little wall mirrors would be so cute in a gallery wall & are on sale for $16! My sister had them in her dorms!

Ten // Ok these are truly the most stunning pillows I’ve seen in a while. They would make such a fun statement! Here’s an adorable monogrammed pillow option too!

Eleven // We also always used these adjustable risers to hoist my bed up off ground so that I could store a bunch of stuff underneath it– so great to save space.

Twelve // I loved doing a white duvet cover and a colorful quilt folded at the bottom of my bed– it made it feel more put together! This one is only $65. Here is my recommendation for a fleece blanket to have on your bed too– it’s the coziest.

Thirteen // I put these white pom pom curtains in nearly all of my dorms– they completely take a boring window to the next level.

Fourteen // I swore by an extra long bed skirt to hide everything I stored underneath the bed– a game changer!

 Fifteen // Tip: Buy two of these and double them up underneath your fitted sheet to combat the stiff dorm room mattresses. Best $ you will spend, trust!

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