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2022 Top Five

Recapping the top blog posts, Instagram posts, purchased items, Amazon items, and my personal favorites of 2022!

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2022’s Top 5 of Everything

Two years ago I started this series where I look back on and recap the most popular and purchased topics/products across all of my platforms. Here’s a look my 2020 roundup and 2021 roundup. Creating this post is now something I look forward to at the end of the year, and always find it beyond interesting to see what you all read, liked, and purchased the most!

I also do some reflection to round up my personal top five products or additions to my lifestyle this year, which you’ll find at the end of this post. In all, a few patterns I saw are that you love travel packing lists, the events leading up to my wedding, Lilly Pulitzer and Etsy finds, and huge tulle dresses 😉.

Do you own and love anything on these lists, and better yet– did you discover them through me? I’d love to know if so!

Top 5 Most Read Blog Posts

ONE // Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale 2022

TWO // Packing List: My St Barts Bachelorette

THREE // January’s Amazon Prime Picks

FOUR // Revlon vs. DryBar Blow-Dryer Brush Review

FIVE // Travel Diary: Newport, RI

Top 5 Most Liked Instagram Posts

ONE // Finding my wedding dress in Paris, which went wild on Instagram and my Tiktok.

TWO // The most fabulous hot pink tulle gown I wore on our ‘engagementmoon’ in Paris.

THREE // My favorite group photos from my Bachelorette in St. Barts!

FOUR // Running in the craziest dress of all time (see #2 😉 ).

FIVE // Celebrating my bridal shower with so many of my most beloved ladies!

Top 5 Most Purchased Items

ONE // Abercrombie Long-Length Wool Blend Coat— I got this coat for our girls’ trip to Paris this fall and it’s truly the perfect neutral, warm coat that goes with everything! I found it fit true to size and looks so chic layered with neutrals!

TWO // Lilly Pulitzer Homepage— Naturally this homepage drew a lot of purchases this year, considering how much you all love the Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale! You can always count on me to have the scoop for that. 😉

THREE // Etsy Block Print Cosmetic Bags— These always seem to be at the top of my best selling lists and it’s easy to see why. They’re an incredible value for only $30– since you get three makeup bags of various sizes, that are lined and ideal for traveling with makeup and toiletries! You can see a ton of more print options here too.

FOUR // Etsy Personalized Acrylic Luggage Tags— I had these made to gift my bridesmaids when I asked them to be in our wedding, and they’re the coolest luggage tags I’ve ever seen. They also make an elevated gift tag too– I included the pink cords I switched them out with in the post on how I asked my bridesmaids!

FIVE // J. Crew Factory Block Print Tiered Midi Dress— I wore this over Memorial Day Weekend and it turns out that you ladies love an easy block print dress just as much as I do. It’s sadly out of stock now (you did go wild for it!), but this style and this style are very similar!

Top 5 Most Purchased Amazon Items

ONE // Love Wellness Bye Bye Bloat Supplements— I’ve truly found that these give me the flattest stomach, fast. I absolutely love them and believe me when I’ve say that I’ve tried a LOT of de-bloating supplements. 😂

TWO // CeraVe Tinted Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen— This is the sunscreen that I mix in with my foundation, which creates silky, glowy magic. It’s constantly out of stock but now it’s back in and on SALE.

THREE // Five Crowns Card Game— You can play this with two people or a group– our friends introduced it to us and we’ve been obsessed ever since!

FOUR // Double Chin Eliminating Collagen Masks— I swear by these! I use one before every big event to sharpen my jawline.

FIVE // Foundation Makeup Flat Brush — This is Amazon’s #1 best selling foundation brush and it blends my foundation in SO smoothly. It’s currently on SALE for $10 and is one of my top Amazon sellers for the second year in a row!!

My Top 5 Personal Favorites

ONE // DanceBody— I started doing DB this past July and it’s changed my body and mental well-being for the BETTER (see my before/after pictures). I actually crave going to it and never thought I would say that about a workout class in a million years!!! You can use this link to get one week of unlimited classes at their NoMad studio in NYC (for $49) or the code DBLIVEAMY for $5 off your first month of DB LIVE, which is their online program that you can do anywhere!

TWO // AG1 Drink— The powder that has majorly increased my energy, made my skin glow, and has me feeling healthier than I ever have before. It’s become so engrained in my morning routine that I notice a big difference if I don’t drink it.

THREE // Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Serum— I’ve been using this for years and it has absolutely changed my skin! But this year I’ve used it more than ever before, since I’ve had so many events and have wanted my skin looking it’s absolute best. I talked about it in my ‘favorite things’ gift guide post (and many other times elsewhere), but nothing improves my skin’s texture and brightness more than this. It’s been proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles within three minutes of putting it on!

FOUR // Spanx OneCore High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Shorts— With so many parties, weddings, and photos taken this past year, I relied heavily on this pair of shapewear! It cinched in my waist, sucked in any bloating I was having, and overall made me feel well-fitted in whatever I was wearing. I call them ‘my weighted blanket’ that I can wear out of the house 😂– because they feel so comfortable and something about being so secure makes me feel at ease! Use code AMYXSPANX for 10% off!

FIVE // Colleen Rothschild Body Butter— Ah I cannot end this post without talking about the body butter that I discovered this year that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with (I mean, I’m addicted). The ‘honey vanilla’ scent smells like you’re walking through a sun-drenched, warm summer garden (did I just write that sentence) and it literally glides on and then melts into your skin, leaving it smooth and glowing. Use code AMYBELIEVES20 for 20% off!