25 Wedding Guest Dresses Under $150

25 trendy wedding guest dresses under $150, along with where I'd recommend shopping for them, and a hack to make your money go the furthest when it comes to wedding season!

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25 Wedding Guest Dresses Under $150

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Find Your Ideal Wedding Guest Dress

This post will hopefully help answer a question I get DM’d all the time… where to look for inexpensive but cute/trendy dresses to wear as a wedding guest! 

As we get into the spring/summer wedding season and more weddings are starting to (safely) occur, I thought it would be the perfect time to share a list of the dresses I have my eye on. This roundup should have a little bit of everything style-wise… ruffles, scallops, lace, minis, midis, and maxis… all under $150!!

In terms of where I would look and shop for a wedding guest dress, I’d recommend Nordstrom, Lilly Pulitzer, the Pink Lily Boutique, Revolve, and Showpo, to start out! You’ll find dresses from those retailers + more here, so I’d always check to see if your favorite brand or boutique has a ‘wedding guest’ or ‘cocktail dress’ category or shop on their site. You’d be surprised at the number that actually do! 

Another tip I have, especially if you’re looking to save some money or have a ton of weddings to attend, is to subscribe to Fashion Pass so you can rent from their selection of gorgeous wedding guest dresses. It’s such a manageable subscription price at only $79 a month for two styles and an accessory, plus you can switch them out whenever you want and do multiple rounds per month!

I personally subscribe to them and have a discount code that comes along with my account: AMY4S for $35 off your first month! Just another thought for making your $$ go the furthest when it comes to wedding season, which I know isn’t cheap for anyone! xx

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