Cocktail Hour #5

A strawberry cocktail, Amazon designer dupe finds, and my pit & peak... this is a good one!

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J Crew gingham top and bamboo bag

J Crew gingham top and bamboo bag

J Crew gingham top and bamboo bag

J Crew gingham top and bamboo bag

J Crew gingham top and bamboo bag

J Crew gingham top and bamboo bag

J Crew gingham top and bamboo bag

J Crew gingham top and bamboo bag

Outfit Details: top: J. Crew // jeans: Flying Monkey {similar here} // bag: Nordstrom {unfortunately sold out, similar one here} // earrings: Lisi Lerch c/o // shoes: MIA // sunglasses: Ray-Ban

See my first Cocktail Hour post before reading this– it explains the concept behind these!

Cocktail of the Week:

I had a blogging date with my good friend Rhiana, of Wear Bows and Smile, last Saturday and we had a cocktails and lunch at Founding Farmer’s in King of Prussia. I had the “Fraise Fling” which was made with 13 Founding Spirits Vodka, lychees, strawberries, agave, sparkling cava which was delish and a nice, light cocktail for a mid-day Saturday treat. It was also the prettiest pink color too, which you know I’m a sucker for. 😉 

Life Updates:

Since my last Cocktail Hour, I had a relaxing weekend at Skytop Lodge with Johnny, a more “normal” week at work without any traveling, and then a productive weekend after that where I worked non-stop on both the blog and boutique. Our “Adventure Retreat” (lol) at Skytop ended up not being exactly what we expected– they received about 6″ of snow the day before we went so all of our outdoor adventures ended up being cancelled (needless to say, I was very disappointed that I couldn’t do the two hour ropes course in the 35 degree weather ;)). It also was quite the adventure just to get there, due to all of the snowed-in backroads leading up to the lodge, so by the time we did finally arrive we were wiped and all adventured-out. So instead of hiking through the snowy Poconos, we ended up enjoying the many gorgeous fireplaces around the lodge, the cozy library lounge bar, and the stunning snowy streets and creeks running throughout the resort’s property. It was beyond gorgeous just to get to walk around the property and just be. Johnny said it was the most relaxed he had been since he started work in August, so I’d say that the weekend was an overall success. 🙂

Pit of the Week:

I have been feeling SO worn out and sleepy this week and I can’t quite figure out why! I am blaming either daylight savings or being over-extended since the launch of the boutique. I am getting things a lot more under control now and working on trying to relax and recoup this weekend. 

Peak of the Week:

My peak has to be my car rides and Wawa stops (yes, multiple stops) with Johnny on our way to and from Skytop. Sometimes the peaks are as simple as a Wawa hoagie, a country music playlist, and a long snowy car ride. 🙂 

Wellness Tidbit of the Week:

I started putting a scoop of this collagen in my coffee every morning because I’ve been reading up on its benefits. I’ve only done it for about a week now and will report back when I can see more concrete results (waiting on that wrinkle reduction around my eyes… ha). This article shares the 14 benefits of collagen supplements and this article explains what happens when you intake collagen every day. It’s so interesting! Let me know if you’ve had any experience with collagen as well– I’d love to hear and learn from you!

Favorite Thing Seen on the Internet This Week:

Can you say Pottery Barn x Lilly Pulitzer?! What a DREAM collab. I’ve seen so much heart and creativity go behind this collaboration and the classic yet innovative and colorful, over-the-top gorgeous products are truly reflective of that. I’d say that many, many people are about to wind up with some new chic throw pillows and bedding in the mail next week… All of my self control is flying OUT of my apartment window. Shop it fast peeps!

Best Deal of the Week:

I’ve been rounding up so many amazing deals on my Amazon page recently– many of the items are dupes of designer versions and are really good finds. Like these Chloé wedge dupes (real version is $660), these Hermès sandal dupes (real version is $650), and this $39 Cult Gaia bamboo bag dupe (real version is $128). They have all of the trendy features of the real versions, but without any of the guilt in case you like spill coffee on them while you’re driving or wear them to a bar that somehow has muddy floors (both of which have ruined my shoes/bags before ha).

IBIP Obsession of the Week

My FAVORITE show to watch is called UnReal. This is kind of a big statement because I don’t really follow any shows, besides the Bachelor, religiously. Which is ironic, because UnReal is a fictional story based on the behind-the-scenes of a fake reality show that’s similar to the Bachelor. It’s crazy to watch how the producers manipulate the cast members in order to create situations that would make “good TV.” It’s a light drama yet total girl boss show at the same time. Season three is on Amazon now and I already binged the first three episodes this week.

Your Favorite Item Seen on IBIP This Week:

You all have been loving all of the bikinis I shared on my 25 Bikinis Under $50 post— especially this one-shoulder scalloped bikini, this pink bow bikini top, and this blue and white striped bow bikini.

Thank you so much for stopping by posts like this one and showing my world some love! I hope it helps you out and brightens your day. 🙂