Cocktail Hour #1

Launching a brand new series today that's part personal, part frivolous, I think you may love it! Take a read and let me know your thoughts.

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Silver shimmer top with Gigi New York monogrammed clutch

Silver shimmer top with Gigi New York monogrammed clutch

Silver shimmer top with Gigi New York monogrammed clutch

Silver shimmer top with Gigi New York monogrammed clutch

Silver shimmer top with Gigi New York monogrammed clutch

Silver shimmer top with Gigi New York monogrammed clutch

Silver shimmer top with Gigi New York monogrammed clutch

Silver shimmer top with Gigi New York monogrammed clutch

Silver shimmer top with Gigi New York monogrammed clutch

Outfit Details: top: Anthropologie {unfortunately sold out, but I found it for resale here} // jeans: AG // booties: Nordstrom // clutch: Gigi New York c/o {doubles as a crossbody AND a laptop case!} // earrings: Loren Hope {unfortunately sold out in the pale pink, but I found a pair of ‘iridescent’ colored ones here on sale for $29} // bracelets: David Yurman // similar necklace // sunglasses: Express

Hello and happy Bachelor Monday!! I am currently post-gym sweaty, eating almond crackers and guacamole, and screaming at the TV with my roommates, because I don’t know about you, but the Bachelor gets us riled up. In blog related news, over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to figure out a new way to start sharing outfit posts on here, as they are in some need of spicing up. I’ve been brainstorming this over a cocktail, or two, and thus, the IBIP Cocktail Hour was born…

Each week I will be sharing none other than a favorite cocktail I’ve tried recently, any life updates I have, my pit of the past week, my peak of the past week (this is something my girlfriends and I did at dinners with each other all throughout college– and you may have seen it on Keeping up with the Kardashians at some point as well ;)), a wellness tidbit of the week (though I am no wellness guru at all, this is an aspect of my life that I’ve been trying to improve, so I thought I might as well take you on that journey), and then a bunch of things regarding shopping, because as you know, that’s my favorite hobby besides sharing what I’m shopping for. In all, this post should be one part personal and one part frivolous so there should be a little something for everyone each week. 🙂

Please share with me any and all feedback and let me know if there are any other categories I should add to my weekly ‘Cocktail Hour!’

Cocktail of the Week:

I recently had the ‘Coco Loco’ at Mission Taqueria in Center City, Philly. It was blanco, coconut, pineapple, and cinnamon. Tropical and refreshing, but the cinnamon added a cozy, wintery touch so I didn’t feel like it was too summery to drink in January.

Life Updates: 

I am currently doing Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide and started week 4 today. I haven’t been sharing this a lot yet because 1) I am not a working out expert and like to stick to sharing things that I consider myself “better” at– like outfits, décor, and travel (I know this is a silly reason and I need to get over the fact that I don’t consider myself a ‘workout person’ ha) and 2) I want to make sure that it actually works for me before I start sharing it and potentially convincing others to try it too. I took a before picture (I’m literally laughing typing this because this is so not like me), and maybe, potentially, (who knows!), will share it one day if I’ve found the program to be worth it. So far, I can tell you that I’ve loved the workouts and they’ve been the perfect combination of challenging but not overwhelming. Also, in recent non-bikini news, I have been working on bringing back a little project I worked on this summer (that I’m so SO excited about), so stay close by in the next month to get updates on that!

Pit of the Week:

At the start of this past week, I randomly started missing college so much and felt so homesick. I just felt so confused and sad… and then got upset with myself because like why am I missing college I’m a grown lady now and need to be doing adult things!! Ha, but I think I was just missing the unity and support I always felt from my college girlfriends because I’m not in the same vicinity of all of them now and I guess you’re never too old or “grown up” to feel that.

Peak of the Week:

LUCKILY, in order to combat my pit, I got to see and visit with three of my best friends from college and one of my best friends from the beach while I was in NYC this past weekend. They are all living such interesting lives and doing so well that I just felt so happy for them and reassured. Also, it didn’t hurt that they were so supportive of everything I’ve been doing and gave me that extra boost of girl power. 🙂

Wellness Tidbit of the Week:

I have been listening to this podcast right before I go to sleep recently and have really, truly found that they calm me and help me to relax. They are especially appropriate for times when your head is running a mile a minute and you can’t get your mind off of something or slow it down. They’ve recently helped me both put things into perspective and visualize positive outcomes. My favorite podcast so far is #23, ‘Flowing with Change.’ If you listen, let me know how you like it!

Favorite Thing Seen on the Internet this Week:

This Betches article about what to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day based on his love language. As you may have heard me talk about before, I’m a huge believer in love languages and actually gave Johnny his Christmas gift this year based on his love language (it was a helicopter tour of NYC because his love language is quality time).

Best Deal of the Week:

I ordered these metallic denim leggings in the color ‘gunmetal’ to wear this winter as another option to black pants (I’m just getting sick of rotating my black J. Crew pixie pants! But the jeans I wore in this post are a great alternative as well). I will be sure to review them on my Insta stories once I receive them. Also, I saw that this blue ruffle top that I wore in this post on the bay is on sale for $34– scoop it up now for spring!

IBIP Obsession of the Week:

I just ordered this banana leaf one piece, this white ruffle crop top and this white mini skirt to wear anytime I’m in Florida over the next few weeks. I got the XS in all three.

YOUR Favorite Item Seen on IBIP this Week:

My $30 computer glasses that block harmful computer light! I’ve been wearing these the last few work days I’ve had and really think that they reduce the strain on my eyes. I wear them over contacts and have found that to be fine as well (they’re not prescription). Give them a try for yourself and let me know what you think!