Finland Packing List

I am adventuring through FINLAND this week and wanted to link up everything I packed and will be wearing throughout the trip so you can find it all here!

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What to wear to Finland in the winter time

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I never ever thought I’d be fortunate enough to say this, but I just landed in FINLAND. I visited Norway last spring, but still have not been into the Arctic Circle before. This is already such a dream come true of a trip and I’m only a few hours in!

Let’s back up a bit (am I over-excited much?!). This week, I will be visiting Rovaniemi, Finland courtesy of FinnAir and Visit Finland, and am so thankful for the opportunity to share my experience and cover all that the magical country of Finland has to offer.

Of course if you’ve followed my Travel Diaries before, you know that packing for the trip is half the fun for me. I love shopping for and putting together outfits beforehand. And then the added challenge of getting them all to fit in the suitcase while keeping it under 50 lbs. I swear I should enter a competitive packing challenge… do those even exist?!

Finland Packing List

Thankfully, I will only be gone for five-ish days, so I didn’t need to pack a ton (except for faux fur earmuffs, a full ski mask, full-length snow boots, multiple Christmas headbands, and layers upon layers of fleece… 😊). After all of that, I managed to fully zip my suitcase. And then when it came time for the weigh-in at the airportm it only weighed 41 pounds! I was kind of disappointed actually, I was hoping for a closer call than that 😊.

Either way, I wanted to link up everything I packed and will be wearing throughout the trip so you can find it all here. I included little notes below each item. So feel free to reference those and let me know if you have any questions at all!

These would all be ideal things to pack for any upcoming cold weather or skiing trips. So hopefully this helps you find some cozy and extra warm things to wear if you are anticipating some chilliness in your future!

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