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Freshening Up Our Apartment

Refreshing our apartment with some of our registry gifts, and sharing my favorite coastal decor pieces of the moment!

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Palm Beach Meets the Upper East Side

As we are settling in post-wedding and opening some of our registry gifts, we’ve been adding a few new touches to our apartment to make it feel a bit more interesting and new after being here for (almost!) three years!

I’m including a few recent photos of some areas in our apartment that we’ve freshened up a bit, and also included a roundup of items I’ve been eyeing and that are just beautiful pieces for any space. I’m sometimes asked how I would refer to my home decor style, and I always say something along the lines of “Palm Beach meets the Upper East Side with classic coastal-inspired pieces and a hint of glam!”

I hope that helps put it into words 😂. At the very least these photos and the below resources and collage should supply you with a good visual, and lots of links, to items that are exactly my style. In the end, I always recommend making your home an extension of your personal style, and adding as many meaningful, personal touches to it as possible. BRB as I add a wedding photo to every surface now…

My Additional Home Decor Resources

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