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Golden Goose Sneakers Review

My full Golden Goose Superstar sneaker review-- including sizing, where to find them on sale, & if they're worth the price!

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Golden Goose Sneakers Review
Golden Goose Sneakers Review
Golden Goose Sneakers Review
Golden Goose Sneakers Review
Golden Goose Sneakers Review
Golden Goose Sneakers Review

All About My Golden Goose Sneakers

I purchased my first pair of Golden Goose sneakers a few months ago (and shared them first in this post!), and received a number of questions about them since then. So many that I thought it was time for a full review! I’ve also worn them enough now that I feel like I have a good grip on their quality and a variety of other factors about them, which you’ll see me go more into detail about in this post.

So I’m diving into a bunch of frequently asked questions, as well as where you can find them on sale, below! Also, if you’re looking for more of my recent reviews take a look at my Abercrombie vs. Agolde jean shorts review, Goyard St. Louis GM Tote review, and Dudley Stephens fleece review!

Golden Goose Sneakers Review

photography by @katemcreynoldsbog

Commonly Asked Questions

What is Golden Goose?

Golden Goose is a brand that was founded in Venice, Italy (which happens to be the footwear capital of the world!), 20 years ago. I read that they’re named after Aesop’s tale “The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs,” (interesting) and they launched their first pair of sneakers in 2007. They are designed with a now iconic “lived-in” signature look that includes scruffs and worn looking marks. Each sneaker is handcrafted from leather to achieve this already broken in look, and they’re also made in very small batches (as opposed to being mass produced), which definitely contributes to their higher price– and exceptional quality. No two are the same which truly makes them one-of-a-kind and unique. They’ve been worn by a number of celebrities– from Gwyneth Paltrow to Kanye to Taylor Swift– and have gained mainstream popularity in the past five-ish years I’d say!

Where did you purchase them?

I found mine on sale via Cettire and purchase them that way! I ordered them on April 28th and they were delivered to me on April 30th so the shipping was super fast which was a major plus.

How much do they cost?

When I ordered the pair I have back in April they were $385.43 but they normally retail for $513.91 at their full price. I would say that the average full prices of the sneakers fall anywhere from $410 to $1,700, depending how decked out they are!

How did the sizing run?

If you’re asking ‘do Golden Goose sneakers run true to size?’ I would say for the most part, yes! These ran true to size for me–I wear a size 6 normally and am a European size 36 as well, which is what I got! They haven’t stretched at all since I’ve worn them so I would keep that in mind too– if you’re in between sizes I would round up as they don’t make half sizes.

Are they comfortable?

I’ve found them to be extremely comfortable and they needed only a few hours of break-in time. I wear no-show socks with mine (my feet get sweaty in sneakers if I don’t!) and I think that also really helps limit the amount of time I needed to break them in. They’re made with real Italian leather (it feels like amazing quality), which only leads to more comfort in my opinion (it’s not like you’re trying to break in a synthetic shoe!). Also, because they’re already distressed and have the ‘worn-in’ look, they are already in the ‘broken-in’ period for the most part, and just need your feet to slip in and wear them!

How durable have they been?

Well, considering they’re already a little bit scuffed, I haven’t felt bad at all wearing them all around NYC (which is such a positive!). As you can see in these images, the street I’m on has trash on it and I paid no attention to trying to keep my sneakers ‘clean’– because you obviously really don’t need to with these. They’ve held up beautifully– the laces haven’t torn, they haven’t stretched at all, and none of the glitter has fallen off to my knowledge. But again, because they already look a bit worn, it’s hard to tell if they’ve had any wear and tear quite yet.

How do they compare to other sneakers?

I would say they’re definitely the nicest manufactured sneakers I own– and the most comfortable! I am also a fan of my Tretons and Vejas, but definitely understand why GG sneakers are so expensive– they stand above the rest! A key reason being that they have a feature that I haven’t found in any other sneaker– a little bump right in the sole (it’s hidden!) that gives you some arch support and also the visual illusion of making your legs look longer by adding a little over an inch of height! My 5’1″ self is all about this, and is a major differentiation factor for them. Added height, that’s also super comfortable, is a win/win in my book. Also, since they’re made in such small batches and handcrafted, no two are the same– unlike other mass-produced sneaker styles. I have yet to see another sneaker that has such gorgeous glitter like mine do!

Would you recommend them?

Yes! But I have a caveat to this– I would try to find them on sale if you can. I think there are too many opportunities to get them on sale (more on that below) that it’s almost not worth it to buy them full price. Not to mention that they’re also just extravagantly expensive for a sneaker (even though they’re ‘designer.’ so beautifully made, etc.). I do think they’re worth a few hundred dollars though, because I don’t see them going out of style anytime soon, as they’re made by a brand with a strong history and I honestly just keep seeing them more and more. Plus, they’re so darn comfortable and well made in Italy!

Overall, I would suggest finding a pair that speaks to your style and that you know you’d get a lot of wear out of– so that your price per wear is low and you know you’ll want to wear them for years. For me that involved a pair with pink and glitter (who would have guessed), but even a more ~subtle~ or neutral option might be a good option too!

Where can I find them on sale?

Since I recommend trying to get them on sale, I listed a bunch of retailers that carry them on sale below. I had a 10/10 experience when I bought them from Cettire though, so I may recommend looking there first!

Where to Find Golden Goose Sneakers On Sale

  • Cettire {where I got mine!}
  • Gilt {you can sign up for free!}
  • Vestiaire Collection {it also looks like they’re offering $50 off your APP first order of $150+ with code WELCOMEUS50}
  • The Real Real {great deals on new or barely used GG sneaks}
  • Ebay {more amazing scores on lightly used pairs}
  • @likeabandit {she shares a ton of GG finds on her Instagram stories, keep an eye out}

Golden Goose Sneakers on Sale

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