Chic white, blush, and gold home office decor

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Home Office Favorites

Since I’ll be working from our beach house for this summer, my mom was kind enough to set up an office for me in one of the little rooms we have upstairs at our house here. I’ve been spending most of my time in there and just loving having a space that’s all my own to work! It’s quickly become filled with pink highlighters, colorful stickers, and peony petals… you know, the essentials 😊.

I definitely know that I want to recreate a similar office space (even if it’s just a nook or 4 feet of space 😊) in my next apartment. I’m in the preliminary stages of looking at things for the apartment (much more to come on that soon!) and am eyeing all of the gorgeous home office décor items above.

I actually already own and love the Sugar Paper white stapler and wall calendar and the cute marble base desk lamp (would highly recommend all three!). And I’m absolutely enamored with this chic white and gold desk (I have a similar one from HomeGoods!) as well as its matching 3-drawer chest for additional storage. Also how stunning is the luxe velvet dusty rose swivel chair (it also comes in a navy too!)?

I’m always such a freak about cute organizational items too– like this Kate Spade grasscloth file sorter (an Amazon find!), this acrylic computer monitor stand (there’s a clear drawer in it for additional storage too!), and this blush pink agenda (ok, go with me on the agenda thing– mine hasn’t been pulling it’s weight these past few months… lol).

I know that so many of us are still working from home (and it’s now my new norm as well) and I cannot express how important it is to have a happy space where you can work 😊. It only took us a matter of hours to set up the one I have here, and it’s been used by me for countless hours since then. All of the pieces in this post are beautifully and thoughtfully designed to inspire your best work and a workday that flies by, so I hope you find them helpful for creating your ideal work space! xx Shop the Post