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Moving to NYC!

Sharing all about our upcoming move to NYC!!!

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NYC Bedhead pajamas moving to New York City
NYC Bedhead pajamas moving to New York City
NYC Bedhead pajamas moving to New York City
NYC Bedhead pajamas moving to New York City
NYC Bedhead pajamas moving to New York City
NYC Bedhead pajamas moving to New York City

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Moving to NYC…

This post has been a long time coming, yet if you had asked me two years ago that I would be moving to NYC I would have never believed you. 😊  It’s so wild how God’s plans end up being so much better than what you were dreaming up all along. That’s been my biggest takeaway from this year so far.

Let’s take a step back though…

For the past three(ish) years, I’ve lived in Philadelphia and my boyfriend, Johnny, has lived in NYC. We both graduated from the same college and made the decision to stay dating as we followed our careers to different cities. It actually was never a decision but more like a given. 😊 Philadelphia and NYC are so close together and with many Friday evening Bolt Bus rides back and forth throughout the years, we made it work.

But a few years out of college we both got the itch to switch jobs and knew that could lead to an opportunity to finally live in the same city. We wrote many pro and con lists about a number of cities, and quickly realized that there weren’t enough good reasons for us not to be in NYC. All of our siblings would be there (my sister is moving into the city next weekend!!), it’s close to Long Beach Island for us to visit my beach house, it has a variety of airports for me to fly from for future blog trips and for us to visit our families in Florida, and the vast majority of our closest friends live in NYC. In sum, it has everything we are looking for and was right under our noses.

As we discussed all of this, it became shockingly clear that it was the perfect fit for the both of us to move in together and start our lives with each other in New York City. But in all honesty, I had never ever imagined myself living there. I specifically pursued a career outside of Philadelphia (because I loved the company and also so that I wouldn’t have to live in NYC 😊). Nothing against the city (clearly I’m now moving there), but I’ve just always gravitated toward smaller places. I grew up in a town that was one square mile and then decided to go to school in the city of Richmond and study abroad in the even smaller city of Prague.

And yet somehow I feel really excited and at peace with our decision to move to NYC. Maybe it’s because I’m a little bit older than I was when I first graduated college, or the fact that it’s an exciting new adventure that will for sure challenge me and push me outside of my comfort zone in big ways. We’re also incredibly thankful that we’re both able to work and pursue our careers there (a blogger in NYC?! #groundbreaking 😊). And we aren’t taking that for granted.

When we are moving…

Prior to COVID-19, were planning on moving in when Johnny’s lease was up at the end of July, but he is still working remotely due to the pandemic, so we haven’t felt the need to move into the city quite yet (we are both currently living at my beach house). We don’t know when exactly his office will reopen, but we’ve decided that we will be making the move this fall either way. 😊 (Also you KNOW that I’m just dying to decorate and be in there for the holiday season!!).

Where we will be living…

We don’t have the exact apartment quite yet, but will be looking in the Upper East Side. I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop on the journey, as I’m sure it will be hysterical searching for the ideal fit. I’ve also been scheming up our apartment décor for years now (not not crazy 😊😊) so you better believe that I’m excited to get in there and put it all together.


And lastly, we’re just so excited to finally live in the same place and be so close to many of our favorite people. This year has been unexpected in absolutely every way, so I’m looking forward to having some stability and normalcy once we’re settled (lol what even is that?! I’m just typing this to manifest it into fruition 😊).

Please send me all of your tips and suggestions for apartment hunting and NYC pizza spots… I’m also going to need to tone down the hot pink in my wardrobe to fit in with my NYC peeps… or do I just stick with it?! 😊

As always, thank you all for following along & cheering me on during this crazy next chapter. It will be nothing if not entertaining! xx Shop the Post