September Amazon Prime fall clothing and decor

My new(ish) monthly Amazon Prime roundups have been some of the most fun posts for me to curate! They’ve quickly become some of the most viewed blog posts, so as long as you’re still enjoying them, I’ll keep them coming! 

Last weekend I asked you what you are shopping/looking for on Amazon this time around. I got so many good (and some random😊) responses, and three things came up time and time again: fall clothes, fall décor, and work clothes. Therefore, I spent an evening perusing Amazon and finding the best of the best that fit these categories. These items are so good. I’m so excited to share them today! 

Feel free to email or DM me if you have any questions about anything, love an item especially much, or if you have recommendations for what you’d like to see for October’s Amazon Prime roundup. I’m here to help! xx

Styles from Try-On

Here are all the styles I shared in my September Amazon try-on haul! You can find the haul saved to my Amazon highlight on Instagram. 

Fall Clothes

The top recommendation were for cozy, seasonal styles to welcome the start of fall. Some key items that were brought up were sweaters, fall dresses, fuzzy pullovers, fall hats, etc. See below for all of my top picks!

Fall Décor

Fall decorations were another large ask, so I give you pumpkins, candles, festive wreaths, & more! 

Work Clothes

I was surprised to see so many requests for work clothes (considering I often wear Lilly Shift dresses to work 😊), but I did some digging and am loving all of these options. 


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