The Best Carry-On Luggage for the Frequent Traveler

I did the research and tried out ALL the top carry-on suitcases... and am revealing my tried and true favorite for the frequent traveler! I cannot say enough good things about the suitcase and backpack I'm sharing in this post... click through to read WHY. Read More

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The best carry-on luggage for the frequent traveler
Hartmann carry-on luggage and Addison Bay leggings
Hartmann carry-on luggage and Addison Bay leggings
Hartmann carry-on luggage and Addison Bay leggings
Hartmann carry-on luggage and Addison Bay leggings
Hartmann carry-on luggage and Addison Bay leggings
Hartmann carry-on luggage and Addison Bay leggings

Outfit Details: suitcase: Hartmann c/o // backpack: Hartmann c/o // sweatshirt: Patagonia {similar Patagonia pullover} // leggings: Addison Bay {on SALE for $49!} c/o // sneakers: Adidas {fit TTS} // sunglasses: Diff Eyewear {on SALE for $40} c/o 

For about three months now I’ve been looking for a new carry-on suitcase. I had been using my It Luggage carry-on suitcase, but it had been with me all while I was studying abroad and on countless trips since then, so it had really seen better days. It was time for an upgrade. I’d say that on average I probably unpack/repack my carry-on three times a month, whether I’m going on a work trip, to the shore in the summer, to Florida in the winter, or to NYC to visit my boyfriend. So, my carry-on gets a lot of love to say the least. 

I didn’t have a brand that I automatically leaned towards when thinking about what my next carry-on would be. I knew that my upgrade needed to be sturdy, reliable, easy to wheel, and very spacious. I didn’t want a hard-shell case (I just feel like it doesn’t fit as much!) and I knew I wanted all black to be simple and coordinate with all of my (sometimes pink) airport outfits (#priorities 😉 ). 

To recap, I was looking for the following: 

  • Easy to wheel
  • Soft-shell case
  • Sturdy & reliable
  • VERY spacious
  • All black & chic (duh)

I started doing a LOT of research, polled everyone on Instagram, and ultimately ended up deciding on The One by trying out my friends’ suitcases while traveling with them. I wheeled around and “tested” a variety of different brands and there was one that stood above and beyond. My best friend at work actually swears by the brand and convinced me that I had to try out her suitcase. And I have to say it… she was right (you’re welcome Katie). I’m not even kidding, this suitcase literally glides across the airport and feels like the luxury car of all suitcases. As soon as I tried out Hartmann Luggage I knew I found The One ;). 

I decided on this exact suitcase and this coordinating backpack and haven’t looked back. It’s the roomiest carry-on and backpack that Hartmann carries (and one of the biggest carry-ons I’ve found that still fits the general airline limits). Read each of their descriptions for all of the bells and whistles, and I shared a tour of the suitcase in this my ‘Travel Guides’ Instagram highlight. But to give you an overview, the suitcase holds a LOT and can expand (unlike a hardshell), has 360 degree smooth wheel functionality, and can fit a large tote bag on its top so you can wheel around your tote as well without having to carry it over your shoulder. 

I used it for my last trip to Florida and had the best experience packing and traveling with it. It’s seriously all I talked about to my family when I used it the first time on our way there. I am traveling to Washington D.C. this weekend and am already looking forward to packing and rolling with it! 

In full transparency, Hartmann was kind enough to gift me both after I mentioned in an Instagram story that I was looking into their suitcases, but I would have asked for the exact luggage for Christmas if that hadn’t been the case. Seriously, SO worth the investment. I expect both to last me years. Feel free to reach out with any questions at all! xx