Top 10 Unique Bachelorette Party Themes

Here are ten ~unique~ Bachelorette themes that I think are hysterical, different, and a whole lot of fun if you really get into them... and isn't that what a Bachelorette is all about?!

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I’m most likely drawing in the maid of honors, bridesmaids, and bride-to-bes with this post, so welcome ladies! This is the third post in my Bachelorette series– the first one covered ten Bachelorette destinations and what to wear to each, and the second went into my recommendations for where to shop for Bachelorette party decor and gifts

Now I’m sharing some Bachelorette party themes I’ve either seen and taken note of, or thought of myself (I think about all of this in my spare time… wedding brain is real). A ‘theme’ for a Bachelorette party or trip isn’t entirely necessary, but I do think it’s helpful to have to weed through all of the Bachelorette decor, outfits, gifts, etc. out there and get really specific with what you want to buy or incorporate into the party or weekend. 

My best tip for picking a theme would be to think about the bride’s personality and her likes and interests. She may have a special place, TV show, movie, song, etc. that she loves or is known for among her friend group. Is there a fun theme that you can pull from there?! You can also go off of the location where the Bachelorette is being held, and really play into what that area is famous for.

Here are ten ~unique~ themes that I think are hysterical, different, and a whole lot of fun if you really get into them… and isn’t that what a Bachelorette is all about?! Going all out to celebrate and live it up with your bride-to-be! p.s. There are even more themes listed out in this post too! 

Coastal Grandmother

Cream bucket hat // White linen button up // Customized jute tote

Think: Diane Keaton gone wild. Bottles of white wine, beachy linen outfits, fresh hydrangeas, and cheese boards galore!

Bridgerton Bride

Bespoke pearl wrap bracelets // Puff sleeve dress // Floral satin robe

Think: Daphne Bridgerton wearing LoveShackFancy. Floral dresses, bows everywhere, wildflowers, and tequila in teacups.

Champagne Chic

Customized jewelry case // Rhinestone shoulder bag // Edible glitter

Think: Meredith Blake and Audrey Hepburn having a martini. Balloons for champagne bubbles, edible glitter to put in drinks, oh and the bride must be wearing long white gloves. 

Mamma Mia

Mini iPhone microphones // Sequined bell bottoms // Watercolor invitations

Think: You’re Donna and your bridesmaids are the Dynamos. Colorful microphones, flare pants, fake bougainvillea, and Greek food galore.

Wild Western

Rhinestone fringe bandana // Cowgirl themed invitations // In Dolly We Trust t-shirt

Think: Dolly Parton goes to Coachella. Bedazzled bandanas, fringe jackets and feather dresses, and post-gaming a night out with BBQ. 

Tropic Like It’s Hot

Tropical flamingo decor set // Palm pajama set // Monogram bamboo jute carryall

Think: Palm Beach merged with Palm Springs. Lots of palm fronds, a tasty pink punch, and sassy tropical touches fit for a party.

La Dolce Vita

French toile plate set // La Dolce Vita shirt // Limoncello

Think: Like a beach club in Capri with all your best friends… including blue and white everything, white string bikinis, and shots of limoncello.

Bridal Barbie

Personalized retro pool bag // Satin pajama set // Drunk Barbie cake topper

Think: Eve from Life Size is getting married. Start with pink and then add in a Barbie photo moment, lots of fabulous wigs, and more pink.

Y2K Vibes

90s candy // Tie front sweater // Butterfly hair clips

Think: You can only wear things found in Jenna Rink’s basement. Throw on butterfly clips and crop tops, get out the 90s candy (it’s the best anyways), and throw on a playlist from the early 2000s… you’ll still know all the words! 

Glitter Mermaid

Inflatable seashell pool raft // Silver tinsel chandelier // Iridescent shell dessert plates

Think: The Little Mermaid gets glammed up. Glitter accessories, iridescent seaside decor, and seashells and pearls all over.