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What It’s Like Having a Christian Life Coach

It’s been on my mind and heart to share this experience with you. I’ve been thinking about doing this for months and I’ve finally reached a confidence in it that allowed me to write this post, so here it goes!

Cultivate What Matters Planner and Christian Life Coach
Cultivate What Matters Planner and Christian Life Coach
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What It’s Like Having a Christian Life Coach

What if you could have a completely unbiased confidant, cheerleader, and advice giver who genuinely wanted to see you grow and accomplish your goals?! Since last spring I’ve been working closely with Alexandra Kaval, a certified professional life coach, who has been just that to me (and more!).

I wanted to write this post about my experience with Alexandra’s company, Grace Space Christian Coaching, within the first month of the new year in the hope that it may inspire you to possibly explore it as well, since this is the season of new resolutions and goal setting, after all. 😊

I also think it’s worth noting that the founder of Grace Christian Coaching, Alexandra, never asked me to share this (she’s way to sweet to ever ask that of me haha) and I’m not doing this for trade for her services at all. It’s simply just been on my mind and heart to share my experience with you! I’ve been thinking about doing this for months and I’ve finally reached a confidence in it that allowed me to write this post, so here it goes!

My Experience

So, here’s the backstory: Alexandra and I connected over Instagram (where else?! 😊) around this time last year. She went to Villanova for undergrad and grad school (and then got a certificate from CCI) so she’s familiar with Philly and we started chatting about that! I was curious about her coaching, so we set up an introductory call, or as she calls it, a Clarity Call.

As soon as we first chatted I immediately could tell that Alexandra’s coaching was something that I would really benefit from. Sometimes (ok, a lot of the times) I feel like I’m a hot mess, with my life going a million different directions and nothing centered or calm. Alexandra’s coaching is the best way that I’ve found to combat just that.

In her calming and reassuring way (I hope this isn’t weird to say but she has the most calming voice, just go listen to her Instagram stories, I’m telling you 😊), she listened to me during our first call and intuitively started guiding me through a multitude of issues I word vomited to her. (If you know me, you know that I’m the kind of person who goes all in in on something if I trust you, so I laid it all out there for her, ha!).

The Verdict?

I ended up signing up for consistent coaching with her at the start of June (anyone remember in my 2019 recap blog post when I talked about how I was a mess at the start of June?!). The timing just felt right and I was so so thankful that I did.

Since then, I’ve had an hour call with Alexandra every other week, for the past 6+ months, and it has already completely transformed my life. Like, not to be dramatic or anything, but it has. I’ve been through therapy and hypnosis before (yes), but this has just felt different. I’ve since opened up about it with my family and my friends, and am now am so so excited to share my experience with YOU. And I seriously recommend Alexandra to everyone and can only hope that my sincere appreciation for her and her work comes across in this post. 😊

What is a Christian Life Coach?

Now, what is exactly is a Christian life coach? I like to joke that it’s kind of like therapy, a motivational coach, and the most inspiring parts of church (without the standing/sitting in wooden pews) all rolled into one. Simply defined, a Christian life coach helps to get you from where you currently are to where you want to be (here is how Alexandra defines it, as well as her FAQs).

In talking with a Christian life coach, they ask you questions that allow you to realize how you want to grow and improve. I’ve had countless realizations and newfound goals through answering so many of Alexandra’s questions. Someone on Alexandra’s site describes coaching as coming away with “clarity, encouragement, and direction” and I couldn’t agree more. In the craziness of life, it’s so wonderful to have an unbiased and certified coach to help me make the best decisions and improvements for me.

How is it different from therapy or life coaching?

Alexandra is different from a traditional therapist because we don’t necessarily look backwards and try to dissect why I feel a certain way about things that happened in the past, but instead we look forward and set goals/intentions for living out a more positive life in the current moment and in the future. Make sense? Our calls are also action-oriented, in that we always come away with a takeaway or next steps that give me momentum to move forward.

Additionally, Alexandra is different from a traditional life coach because she has a spiritual angle to her advice. She doesn’t necessarily quote Bible verses (unless I would specifically ask for her to draw on them), but her advice is centered around the values and love of God. BUT you do not have to be traditionally religious (or religious at all!) to work with her.

Another thing I’ll note is that all of our talks are 100% confidential and she matches the professionalism and trust level of a traditional therapist. It’s an added bonus to know that you can talk freely and then have the peace of mind that nothing will be shared. Not everyone needs to know how hot of a mess your life is, you feel??

Our calls always start with reviewing any progress that I’ve made (or not made) on goals from the last time we chatted, and then we dive into what is currently on my mind or whichever struggle or goal I want to tackle next. It’s very informal and conversational, yet powerful and enlightening every single time. I always hang up feeling 100x more refreshed and inspired than I did right before our call.

Christian Life Coach Alexandra Kaval
Hi Alexandra! How cute is she?!
Christian Life Coach Alexandra Kaval
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How do I know it’s for me?

I honestly don’t think that you know until you try it, ha! I scheduled a Clarity Call with Alexandra first (it’s free!) and got to know her that way, before signing on with her for a number of months (and then renewing our sessions once that ended!).

And I would honestly say that if there are any areas of your life that you think you could benefit from guidance, encouragement, or prayer, then this could be exactly what you’re needing. From trying to get a promotion at work, diminishing anxiety and stress, wanting to get along better with your parents, pursuing a long-time dream, praying for a sick loved one… Alexandra can help with all of that and whatever else is weighing on you or you’re dreaming about.

How do I get started?

Hop on a call with Alexandra! The first Clarity Call (or introductory call) with Alexandra is completely free, and then after that you can decide which type of coaching package of hers that you’d like to pursue. Right now I’m in the “Fruitful Faith Package” and love the sequence of talking with her every other week (or twice(ish) a month!).

In addition to our calls, Alexandra and I keep in touch weekly through email and text (this can be completely up to you and how much you want to communicate!). And she’s constantly sending me emails with additional resources or thoughts, sweet notes (she always has the cutest stationery omg), and texts when she knows something big for me is coming up. I’m telling you, she’s like my loyal confidant/cheerleader and it’s just been the biggest blessing to have her in my life.

This may be something that you resonate with right away and immediately book a Clarity Call with Alexandra, OR this may be something that you sit on for a few weeks or months and come back to, OR it may not be for you at all. All of which are completely OK! Either way, I’m so thankful you’ve read about my experience and hopeful that it will at least encourage one person to reach out and book a call with Alexandra. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions at all.

If you do end up finding inspiration in this and feel comfortable in letting me know, then please do! Life is hard and sometimes we needed an angel life coach to send us a text on a random Wednesday morning with a few words of encouragement. Right?! 😊xx