23rd birthday blog post

It’s my 23rd today!!?

 I’m currently sitting on the couch in Vero Beach (where we now have a fun little place for getaways and vacation 🙂 ) having my birthday coffee and watching the rest of Beauty and the Beast (was anyone else blown away by it?!).

This year, instead of doing a birthday outfit post, I wanted to change it up and share a few more things about myself from the last 23 years. So I decided to list my top 23 “favorites” or “I Believe in Pink Obsessions” of my life so far. They range from everything from my favorite memory to my favorite tote bag– I tried to cover it all! I’m so beyond thankful for all of these favorite people, moments, memories, and things in my life, and am so happy that I get to share them all with you too today in celebration of my 23rd.

Let me know if we have anything in common in the comments below! 🙂 xx

1. Favorite Photo

I really couldn’t just pick one, so here are a few classic favorites…

I share my birthday with Flag Day, which is a national holiday, so I’ve always worn American flag clothing to celebrate that as well.  Here I am with my daddy on our beach at the shore. A beach and ocean lover from day one 🙂

23rd birthday blog post

This was my first birthday party. I’ve been told that I sat perfectly still in this chair and “greeted” my guests as they came to the party… like what one year old does that?! Clearly I was destined to love a good party and entertaining…

23rd birthday blog post

This photo cracks me up because it’s so telling of my relationship with Jacqueline… she’s cracking me up always.

23rd birthday blog post

Also I made everyone recreate this picture at graduation (which was so annoying of me, but I thought it was hysterical, ha) and it’s now a major favorite 😉

Junior year ring dance University of Richmond

University of Richmond graduation

2. Favorite Blog Post

I love either the one that’s my letter to the post-grad (because of how #real it is), the one of me with the coconut on the Peter Island beach (because of the drop-dead gorgeous scenery!), or our Mermaid Loft reveal because it’s one of my all-time favorite rooms.

3. Favorite Brand

Lilly Pulitzer. They have such a special brand history and dominate the resort chic scene. Also, have you seen that the new agendas have launched?!

4. Favorite Vacation

Either my post-graduation trip to Italy or our vacation to St. Lucia.

5. Favorite Piece of Jewelry

The diamond necklace I wear every day– my dad gave it to my mom when I was born, and they then gave it to me when I graduated high school. Read more about it in my interview on Emily McCarthy’s website here.

6. Favorite Quote

Oh, the quote that inspired the blog of course…

I Believe in Pink Audrey Hepburn Quote

7. Favorite Memory

I have so many happy and hysterical memories from growing up to be 23. Some of them include when my mom would load up her bright red Volvo Station Wagon and we would all drive down to the beach the day school let out for the summer, painting seashells in my garage and selling them on the beach, traveling on family trips to some of the most gorgeous beaches and places I’ve ever been, going to get our beloved Old English Sheepdog, Liberty (and surprising Jacqueline with her!), *finally* getting accepted to Richmond, rushing and becoming a Theta, then three years later my sister becoming a Theta… and so many, many more.

8. Favorite Movie

Sweet Home Alabama!! It will never get old to me. I also adore Reese Witherspoon so it’s a classic one of hers in my mind 🙂

9. Favorite College Class

Digital Marketing. It opened my eyes to the marketing industry and taught me how much more interesting and multi-dimensional the relationship between brands and consumers is today.

10. Favorite Food

Ah I have so many! Either “Grandma’s” pizza from Sea Bright Pizza (which is close to me at home), or any sushi roll with salmon and avocado. Or wings. I looove wings. I also have a special place in my heart for hot coffee and any kind of gummy candy. Keep reading to see what my favorite drink orders are 😉

11. Favorite Starbucks Order

Venti iced coffee with one pump of vanilla and room for half and half and a Truvia sugar. My little sister, Jacqueline, thought it was important that I include that I’m a “vanilla person” in this post (as opposed to chocolate). ?

12. Favorite TV Show

Either the Office or Friends– they never fail to make me deep belly laugh-out-loud.

13. Favorite Moment in College

So #nostalgic already, only a month after I graduated… I’d have to say that my favorite moments in college were when my dad walked me down the stairs for my Junior Year Ring Dance or on Bid Day of recruitment this past year after I was the recruitment chair 🙂

Junior Year Ring Dance University of Richmond

14. Favorite Beach

Trunk Bay in St. John, USVIs. If you’ve been there, you will agree.

Trunk Bay, US Virgin Islands

15. Favorite Thing to Do

 Lay outside by the pool or beach on a 10/10 day, run while watching TV (right now I’m watching “Big Little Lies”), decorate and organize everything, talk with fellow bloggers and people who follow I Believe in Pink, have cocktails outdoors with my family and friends…

16. Favorite Pattern/Motif

This changes year to year (of course) but right now I’m obsessing over anything with banana leaves, palm fronds, or bamboo. I’ve been working on decorating my future apartment and need to calm down with all of these, ha.

17. Favorite Flower

It depends on the season! In the spring it’s peonies, in the summer it’s hydrangeas and sunflowers, and then I always adore orchids!

18. Favorite Hobby

Blogging, reading, and traveling. If I do all of that in one day then it’s a great day 🙂

19. Favorite Book

The Great Gatsby or Cold Tangerines.

20. Favorite Place to Be

On our front porch in Long Beach Island– or in our backyard in the pool/hot tub. It’s just the best there.

21. Favorite Tote Bag

The Barrington tote that Johnny gave me for Christmas this past year. See my exact one in this post.

22. Favorite Song

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper. After a few drinks (see #23) I will request this song no matter where I am #NoChill.

23. Favorite Drink

Chances are I will order one of these off of the drink menu: Pinot Grigio, rosĂ©, Prosecco or (pink!) champagne, or the sweetest cocktail they offer. And if I’m on a tropical island I always opt for a Painkiller 😉