Amazon Beauty Top Sellers

The results are in for my recent top ten Amazon beauty best sellers, as well as why I think they've been so popular.

We took a look at the analytics and the results are in for my recent top ten Amazon beauty best sellers! And to no surprise, some of which were already shared in my overall Amazon best sellers (from the first half of the year!) as seen in this post. Below I share links to each product, as well as why I think they’ve been such popular top sellers with you all! Have you tried any? DM me your thoughts!!

hair wax stick // V-Line lifting hydrogel collagen masks // CeraVe hydrating mineral sunscreen // Kitsch dermaplaning face razors // Bye Bye Bloat supplements // hydrating argan oil hair mask // It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores pressed powder // glycolic acid resurfacing pads // Laneige lip masks // anti-cellulite massage oil

Why They’re Top Sellers:

Hair wax stick: This is my #1 most sold product so far this year!! It’s foolproof to use and is the secret to getting a chic slick-backed bun or ponytail, because it tames all of those pesky fly-aways immediately, and they stay tamed. It also washes right out afterwards and does’t leave my hair feeling greasy either. It’s under $10 too (insane) so get one for your bathroom, car, purse, etc.!

V-Line double chin reducing masks: The holy grail of my beloved de-puffing routine!! I use one of these masks at lease once a week, and definitely before every major event. They truly reduce my double-chin, de-puff my face, and all around contour/sculpt my jaw. They’re an Amazon best seller and you can get a pack of seven for under $25. My best tip: use one in addition to these tools/products for the ultimate snatched and stunning face routine!

CeraVe hydrating mineral sunscreen: I wear this every single day. It’s a sunscreen and tinted moisturizer all in one, and blends beautifully with foundation for added coverage (here are the foundations I am currently using!). I swear there’s no dewier, prettier glow than this sunscreen, and it’s safe for sensitive skin or acne prone skin since it’s super gentle and fragrance-free too. So many tinted sunscreens are expensive, and this one is by the always-credible CeraVe but is relatively affordable for the size of it and all the benefits it has for your skin!

Kitsch dermaplaning face razors: If you’re looking for your foundation and makeup to glide on your face smoother than it ever has before– look no further. I use one of these face razors maybe once a month (on my cheeks, underneath my eyebrows, above my lips, etc.), and they’re truly such a game changer for removing all of your peach fuzz and dead skin, while exfoliating your face. My peach fuzz on my face has never grown back more/faster after dermaplaning either! It truly feels soft as a baby’s butt! 😂

Bye Bye Bloat supplements: I consider myself a guinea pig for de-bloating pills lol and have tried over a dozen different brands/formulas. These truly make the most difference in flattening my stomach and reducing any puffiness/bloating. I always take two a few hours before any big event and feel 10x more like myself afterwards. I really won’t put on anything form-fitting without taking two of these beforehand!

Hydrating argan oil hair mask: I’ve heard a LOT of hype about this hair mask and finally realized that I needed to test it out for myself– especially as I’m trying to repair my hair after getting extensions for my wedding. I put this in once a week for about 20 minutes when I’m in the bath (after I’ve already shampooed my hair) and then my hair is the silkiest, smoothest, and softest it’s ever been for the next few days. I’d say it helps the most with hydrating hair and repairing any breakage/split ends. You also CANNOT BEAT the price of the whole tub!!

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores pressed powder: I call this the Paris filter in a powder. I use it at the end of my makeup to set it, and it literally blurs my pores, eliminates any shine (but still keeps a glow), and smooths my skin so there are no fine lines. If you’re looking for the final touch to take your makeup up a level and have it look flawless, this is the key. It’s also super helpful to pack in your clutch when you have a full face of makeup on, because it’s easy to retouch your face (especially shine!) with this. It includes its own sponge and mini mirror, all in the compact, but I also love using these triangle puffs to apply it as well.

Glycolic acid resurfacing pads– Using one of these pads is like getting an exfoliating facial. They are Amazon’s number one best seller in the “facial peels” category and have the ratings and reviews to back that up. Start by using one every couple of days, after you wash your face, and then you can build your skin’s tolerance to using one every day. I’ve found that they help me reduce any unevenness in texture/coloration on my face, as well as really smooth out my skin so that it’s softer and has less fine lines. Using one creates the perfect base to then apply your skincare on top!

Laneige lip masks: I’m predicting that this set will sell out soon, because it’s limited-edition and SO popular. You get five mini lip soothing masks for $20, which is the perfect way to test a bunch of their scents and decide which one you want to purchase in the larger size. Every single time I put this on my lips they’re instantly plumper, softer, and moisturized. These mini containers are also ideal for keeping everywhere– your purse, nightstand, coat pocket, you name it. With colder weather and chapped lip season approaching, these are a must and you can’t beat the price of this set!!

Anti-cellulite massage oil: I’ve been putting this oil on post-shower (when I’m not completely dry yet so it can really soak into my skin) and have been really impressed with the results. It’s definitely helped firm up some of my skin (especially thighs!) and tightens and moisturizes my skin all at once. It smells spa-like and is a really great price for having such effective collagen and stem cell infused properties. The ratings/reviews are insane too– people have sworn that it’s eliminated all of their cellulite.