Cocktail Hour #14

Sharing a long overdue Cocktail Hour post-- with my life updates, pit, peak, recent obsessions, your most-loved items, and so much more!

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August Morgan gingham dress and Barbour Beadnell coat

August Morgan gingham dress and Barbour Beadnell coat

August Morgan gingham dress and Barbour Beadnell coat

Whitewing Farm and Inn

August Morgan gingham dress and Barbour Beadnell coat

August Morgan gingham dress and Barbour Beadnell coat

August Morgan gingham dress and Barbour Beadnell coat

August Morgan gingham dress and Barbour Beadnell coat

Lisi Lerch floral earrings

August Morgan gingham dress and Barbour Beadnell coat

Images taken on the property of the beautiful Inn at Whitewing Farm, see my post “Travel Diary: The Inn at Whitewing Farm

Outfit Details: dress: August Morgan c/o // booties: Isola c/o // straw tote: similar straw tote // earrings: Lisi Lerch c/o // bracelet: Kinsley Armelle c/o // sunglasses: Ray-Ban 

Interested in learning about the concept behind these Cocktail Hour posts? Take a look at the first Cocktail Hour I did— it explains them well! This is another long-overdo post. I’m sorry!! I got carried away and forgot just how much fun it is to sit down and write these. 🙂

Cocktail of the Week:

The White Cosmopolitan at The Brazilian Court in Palm Beach is my favorite drink on the island. It’s a light, refreshing cosmo which has a huge sphere of ice in the middle that’s filled with orchid petals. Oh yes. It’s Palm Beach CHIC and delicious in all the best ways!

Life Updates:

Since my last Cocktail Hour post, I’ve had quite a few weeks of craziness and fun. I spent Halloween in NYC, popped down to Nashville to surprise my sister for her 21st birthday, then came back to Philadelphia for a hot second, and then went to Palm Beach for Lilly Pulitzer’s 60th anniversary celebration and fashion presentation. I did have some down time in the first few weeks of October however, where I caught up on blog work while being in Philly or at my parent’s new house outside of the city, and launched my first annual holiday gift guide, that shares ten different sections of gifts that can apply to everyone you have on your list (to say that I’m excited about the gift guide is an understatement!).

As for my holiday plans? I’ll be spending Thanksgiving at our new place outside of Philadelphia, Johnny and I decided on what we’re doing for each other’s Christmas gifts (more on that soon), his parents treated us to tickets for Frozen on Broadway which we’ll see in December (cannot WAIT), we decided on a date for a holiday party with my co-workers, and I’ve been assigned my Secret Santa for the Secret Santa my best friends and I do every year. My apartment is switching over from Thanksgiving to Christmas this Sunday evening and we cannot wait to get our tree up (for the past year it’s been in our hall closet, that thing needs to BREATHE) and transform our apartment into a cozy white and gold Christmas wonderland. I keep buying gold glitter pinecones so it’s already getting out of hand.

Right now, I am really excited to spend time with Johnny this weekend (he’s coming to Philly) and work on some fun blog projects I have, which require a little more creativity and content creation. I can’t wait to share the holidays with all of you and let you know all that I’m up to and doing– even when it’s just drinking hot cider and watching Hallmark movies while shopping online for gifts 😉 .

Pit of the Week:

I can never think of pits (I’m an eternal optimist ha), but this time I actually have two! The first is when I wound up throwing up in the middle of the night while I was in Nashville. It was a combination of traveling, being over-exhausted, and then eating and drinking and laughing way too hard :). This was the second time I’ve found myself with the WORST upset stomach in the past few weeks (I talked about the first time in Cocktail Hour #13), and I guess I just can’t keep up (and keep things down) like I used to! TMI– ?

The second pit was TODAY because it started snowing really hard while we were having our all-day-long summer business meeting at work (ironic, right). We were released a little after 2pm and through an epic journey of driving at three miles per hour, pushing the car up a hill, waiting outside of a train station in the sleet for 45 minutes, and then finally catching the train back to Philly, I rolled in, completely soaking wet, no feeling in any of my toes, around 7 pm. Wild, right?! We’re all safe and sound though, so it all ended a-okay. 🙂

Peak of the Week:

There are just so many!! Spending quality time with Johnny and my parents when he got to see our new house in PA for the first time, CRACKING UP with my mom as we got incognito in hot pink wigs to surprise my little sister in Nashville on her 21st birthday, running down Hibiscus Avenue in Palm Beach barefoot in the pouring rain after our 60th anniversary celebration and fashion presentation ended… sometimes I wonder why the heck I deserve to be placed in such fun, meaningful moments surrounded by the most incredible of people. I have no idea why, but it definitely doesn’t hurt that I try to find the magic in every moment I’m in– especially at this time of year!

Wellness Tidbit of the Week:

I am fully drinking The Skinny Confidential detox tea ? and have been doing her lymphatic draining massages on my face and already can tell that it’s dramatically helped reduce puffiness and inflammation. It’s such an interesting tactic and I think will also really help with my TMJ jaw issues. Stay tuned for more– her post on it is 100% worth a read either way!

Favorite Thing Seen on the Internet This Week:

The Hallmark Christmas movie lineup (and here’s the full breakdown hour by hour, because like, you need)… seriously there is nothing more feel-good than cozying up with my fleece throw and heating pad and turning on the Hallmark channel to tune into the latest Christmas movie. They’re so adorable and warm you right up with the sweetest kind of holiday love and cheer. Netflix also has some good Netflix-original Christmas movies, like The Christmas Prince, which my roommates and I fell in love with last year (they’re doing a Christmas Prince sequel this year– comes out November 30th) and The Princess Switch, which is starring Vanessa Hudgens and comes out on November 16th. They both sound too funny and too adorable to miss!

Best Deal of the Week:

I’ve been on the hunt for a new suitcase and saw that Tumi is having their semi-annual sale. Their carry-on suitcases are $100+ off, which is enticing me very much…

IBIP Obsession of the Week:

All Dudley Stephens fleece. My mom and I are legit obsessed with how cozy they are yet how put-together you still look while wearing one. I have the Cobble Hill Turtleneck in natural blush and navy and my mom has it in navy and neon pink! They should be restocking all sizes very soon, so keep an eye out!

Your Favorite Item Seen on IBIP This Week:

You peeps have been loving this Marley Lilly monogrammed reversible sherpa pullover as much as I do (I got the S/M so it fit oversized, plus it’s on sale right now!!) and my Lulu and Georgia mirrored bamboo tray table, which would make the sweetest gift for your mom or your apartment. 😉 The pullover is so beyond snuggly (on both sides) and festive for the holidays and the tray table is my favorite piece of furniture in our apartment. Let me know if you have any questions about either!

As always, it means the absolute world to me to get to share so much of my life with you in these posts! Thank you for taking the time to read through.  xx