Cocktail Hour #6

Philadelphia wine week, my new wellness hobby, the case I use to display my sunglasses... and more!

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Navy and white embroidered dress with brown leather bucket bag

Navy and white embroidered dress with brown leather bucket bag

Navy and white embroidered dress with brown leather bucket bag

Navy and white embroidered dress with brown leather bucket bag

Navy and white embroidered dress with brown leather bucket bag

Navy and white embroidered dress with brown leather bucket bag

Navy and white embroidered dress with brown leather bucket bag

Outfit Details: dress: SheIn c/o {I’m wearing the XS, use the code AMYINPINK20 for 20% off your entire order} // shoes: Target // bag: similar one here and here // earrings: I Believe in Pink Boutique // sunglasses: Ray-Ban

See my first Cocktail Hour post before reading this– it explains the concept behind these!

Cocktail of the Week:

I celebrated Philadelphia Wine Week this past week and went to the rosé brunch at Barbuzzo. I had been to Barbuzzo once before with Johnny for dinner and we loved it. The plates are small and shareable and delish. It’s the kind of food that warms your belly and pairs so well with a glass of wine! For brunch I had a mimosa though, which contained rosé and grapefruit juice. I have to say, I may be adding grapefruit juice to my mimosas from here on out! It gives it a tart little kick that is too good.

Life Updates:

Since my last Cocktail Hour, I had spent a weekend in New York for St. Patrick’s Day, had a full work week (with a mid-week snow day!), and then had a productive weekend in Philly in which I mostly caught up on blog/boutique work and took a break to indulge in Philly Wine Week. And this past week I only had two full days of work and then hopped on a plane down to Florida to surprise my cousins who were there visiting my mom! More to come on that soon. 🙂

Pit of the Week:

My pit is that I had a wee bit of too much fun in NYC on St. Patrick’s Day (you can take the girl out of college…) and I had borrowed my best friend’s Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses for the day and ended up going home with wayfarer sunglasses… that weren’t Ray-Ban. How does that even happen?!! I felt awful for the accidental switcheroo that must have happened and wasn’t ever able to locate her actual Ray-Bans. Needless to say, I feel SO bad, so she can expect a sunglass-shaped Nordstrom package to arrive at her apartment this week. It happens!! #Gracenotperfection

Peak of the Week:

My peak has to be spontaneously booking an exciting trip that I’ll be taking in a few short weeks! It is the first time I’ll be taking a trip specifically for I Believe in Pink (believe it or not— I’ve always paired other trips with blog work and have honestly never fully prioritized it on a trip, even though I put a LOT into it whenever I travel) so this feels like such a big and exciting step. I’m trying to focus more and more on investing in myself and taking bigger leaps, and this is such a great example of that taking form. I’m so excited to have a trip that’s fully creative-focused where I can be inspired and create content the whole time, without feeling guilty about it or being distracted. I’m so looking forward to bringing you along with me!

Wellness Tidbit of the Week:

You may have seen on my Insta stories that I recently discovered our NutriBullet (that we’ve had the whole time in our apartment, but I just chose to ignore for some reason) and now I want to blend up ALLTHETHINGS. So far I’ve been blending frozen strawberries, banana, and mango with fresh spinach, vanilla almond milk, and this vanilla protein powder (who am I?! ?. I just finished up week 10 of BBG so I’ve needed an extra boost of protein and natural sugars. This has done just the trick! I am now accepting all of your best smoothie recipes and recommendations. I think this is my new hobby! lol

Favorite Thing Seen on the Internet This Week:

Oh my gosh you guys. I have listened to goop’s first podcast twice in the last 24 hours. It’s Gwyneth and Oprah for an hour and 15 minutes and is so. good. As soon as Oprah started talking about frequencies and the energy you put out into the world I think I was actually screaming in my car. She is spot ON in everything that she says and it resonated with me deeply. After you listen, compare what she says with what I talked about in the podcast I was on with Kate the Wasp. It’s fascinating and so beyond inspiring! I’ve already adapted a few of the things that she says she does into my daily life. You’ll be having “aha-moments” the whole time you listen.

Best Deal of the Week:

J. Crew Factory is 50% off everything right now and an extra 50% off all of sale items. So may things are really cute and perfect for the start of spring! I am eyeing the below items.

IBIP Obsession of the Week:

Pink pom pom embellishments. Nothing new to see here, ha. I had this pink pom pom onepiece, this hot pink pom pom top, and this hot pink flowy skirt in my Revolve cart and on its way to Florida SO fast I barely even realized what was happening… it’s fine.

Your Favorite Item Seen on IBIP This Week:

The most popular item I shared this week is actually my 3-drawer acrylic stacking box that I use to store all of my sunglasses. It’s so perfect for keeping your sunglasses protected and neat, while at the same time displaying them in a chic way. I wrote a whole post on the organizational items I use in my apartment bedroom and I talk all about this sunglass holder in #one in the post. 🙂