5 Best Organizational Items for Your Bedroom

After planning the storage in my apartment bedroom & living with it for the past few months, I'm sharing my top tried & true storage & organizational items!

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5 best organizational items for your bedroom

^Take a look at my new apartment bedroom reveal before you read this!

When planning for and setting up my new bedroom, I took into consideration storage to make sure that I could fit all of my *crazy* into one room. But, naturally I wanted the storage and organizational items to be chic and practical. Now that I’ve lived with the storage items for the past few months, I’m sharing my top tried and true favorites below!

ONE: Clear Acrylic Stackable Drawers || I keep my sunglasses in these drawers (as pictured above), and they’re easy to see and access. The drawers would also be perfect for storing things like lipstick or desk supplies.

TWO: Woven Storage Bins || I use these in my bathroom to organize my towels, beauty products, toilet paper, etc. They are boho and go with everything, yet are still functional for easy storage just about anywhere.

THREE: Clear Acrylic Stackable Trays || I was looking for a new solution to organize my earrings this spring and landed on these stackable trays that are perfect for the job. The mini dividers within them are ideal for categorizing and sorting out studs, statement earrings, and delicate necklaces.

FOUR: Shallow Plastic Bins with Wheels || When I moved into my new apartment, I literally took everything I own with me, with the exception of some clothing at the shore and in Florida (read more about my move here), so it was imperative that I had as much storage as possible for my off-season clothing. I have four of these bins that I stack under my bed. Two are full of clothes, one keeps all of my boots/booties, and the last one holds extra tote bags. I raised my bed with risers and stack the bins on top of each other and it has worked out SO well.

FIVE: Thin Velvet Hangers || I live by these. They’re velvet (#luxe) so they keep your clothing from slipping but are heavy duty enough to hold my sequin dresses (lol). They a save a ton of space because of how thin they are– the Amazon description says that they increase closet space by as much as 50%. (The Amazon description also says that “hangers make a great gift that people will rave over” so we’re just going to ignore that part.)

I also use this tall stand to hold my bracelets, this shoe rack to organize my shoes, and this step ladder which is in my closet so I can reach my sweaters on the top shelf (#shortieproblems). Fun fact: the step ladder was I Believe in Pink’s second most purchased item from the month of August, bizarre but true, ha! xx