December Amazon Picks: Top Items of 2019

In this post you’ll find all of my tried-and-true TOP Amazon purchases from 2019. I still own, use, and love each of these items... you may be just as obsessed as I am!

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December Amazon Prime Picks, best Amazon items of 2019

I cannot believe we have FIVE days until Christmas!!! I feel like this season has gone faster than ever before (I’m 100% blaming the “late” Thanksgiving for that 😊) and I am really trying to make the effort to slow down and enjoy these remaining days leading up to the 25th.

Also, I leave for Vero Beach, Florida tomorrow, where I will be spending time there from now until January 1st! We recently moved from our townhouse to a house within the same community, and are really looking forward to spending Christmas in the new space. There’s so much our family has to be thankful for this holiday season and we are going to soak it all in together.

I’m also fortunate that my boyfriend’s family has a home in Vero Beach as well (they were there first and then my parents happened to fall in love with the town too… ha! The happiest coincidence ever), so he will be there right after Christmas, which makes it extra sweet! We have lots of beach time, pickleball matches, and dinner reservations on the calendar… what else?!

Is anyone else heading somewhere warm for the holiday? I can’t help but think that cozying up somewhere where it’s cold and snowy would be so nice and festive too! Our Christmas tree in Florida has all “Florida themed” ornaments on it (you know, like manatees and mermaids 😊) so we really embrace the warmer Christmas climate while we’re there!

December Amazon Picks

Anyway, for this month’s Amazon Prime roundup, I thought it would be fun to go back and look my Amazon purchase history for 2019. I feel like this has been the year of Amazon for my blog, as I’ve been consistently been compiling my Amazon roundups (you can see all of them here), and through that I’ve found SO many game changing products and styles.

Below you’ll find all of my tried-and-true TOP Amazon purchases from 2019. I still own, use, and love each of these items, and have converted quite a few peeps to loving them too (if you’re one of them, let me know!). These also make the best last-minute gift items, because there’s still time to get them before Christmas if you order ASAP. I hope you become obsessed with some of these items just as much as I have! Do a little shopping if you still need to and then go back to enjoying the most magical time of the year. xx

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