6 goals to complete before you start working full time

photography by Heather Wang

Since I’m in a transitional period of my life right now— that awkward post-grad, pre-work stage, I thought I’d share a few of the things I’ll be working on. I have roughly two months from graduation until I start work (more to come on that soon!), and as I naturally do, I made a list of the things I want to get done. But unlike the majority of my Lists, not all of this is work…

6 goals to complete before you start working full time

1. Travel

There are few better ways I can think of to spend my free time than to go to places I love. I am so thankful that I got to spend eleven hysterical days with my family in Rome and the Amalfi coast, and then in Charleston for my first post-grad friend reunion (so weird to think about!), and then Vero Beach with many of my favorite people at our new place! In between that I’ll be on Long Beach Island up in the mermaid loft and on the beach 🙂 So looking forward to lots of time under the sun, quality time with my friends, and happy hours in the hot tub in LBI in between those other amazing spots.

2. Find an Apartment

Oh yes, we have *finally* secured one. It’s a tough market! Feeling very Big Girl about deciding where to live and which headboard to choose… ha. So 1/10 of this goal was finding the apartment and the other 9/10 is decorating, naturally.

6 goals to complete before you start working full time

3. Read

Growing up I loved to read. As in I would read over watching television or playing with dolls or just about anything. Then I was that person who developed poor eyesight at like age eleven and always had her head buried in a book with her thick glasses on (they’re for distance, but my eyes are that bad). I was a good time. In college, I never read for fun at at school because in all of my free time I blog, so now that I am completely school-less I am making this a major goal of mine to pick up a book again. I have a running Amazon cart of ones I want to read (see below) but am always open to new recommendations. So send them my way!

4. Blog, Blog, Blog

I’m so thankful that I have some time to dedicate to get to work with some phenomenal companies and produce new content that I hope you’ll find interesting and fun. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve tried to be a lot more personal and open lately, which means less talking about outfit trends (although I do love doing that) and more talking about life and the struggles and strengths of being an almost-23 year old who is afraid of sleeping without a roommate in the future (@nicole) and still has an unrelenting urge to cover everything with craft glitter… we’re working on it.

6 goals to complete before you start working full time

5. Expand the Blog…

This deserves it’s own number just because it’s going to take a lot of work. But “work” in the best possible way. I’m pretty much bringing a huge dream of mine to fruition. You’ll see what I mean around mid-June…

6. Celebrate!

Get togethers, dinners, cocktail parties, birthdays, surprises! I want to celebrate it all in these two months, and be with those I love most. I have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to so I want to recognize that for all it’s worth— glass of summer water in hand… celebrate is my word for 2017 after all. ?

I hope this helps to give you some insight into what’s going on in my world up to mid-July. It will be a fun and restful few weeks for sure, but I have a feeling the fun is just beginning… life is a party after all! 😉 xx