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Help Clear These Teacher Wishlists

I'm sharing the Amazon classroom wishlists of 35+ special teachers who need our help... let's clear some lists!

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As I’ve been spending time with Johnny’s (adorable!!) little cousins while on vacation in Wisconsin, I’m reminded of the quickly approaching back-to-school season. Which of course brings on classroom orientations, first day of school outfits, packed lunchboxes, and fresh school supplies (still a forever favorite of mine 😊). While I may not be in that season anymore myself, I know that so many of you are preparing to head back to the classroom to teach!

In this post, I’m sharing the Amazon wishlists of 35+ special teachers who are members of this blog’s community. We have classroom lists for pre-school all the way through 8th grade, covering every subject in urban and suburban areas across the country.

To these phenomenal teachers– thank you so much for reaching out with your classroom lists and for all that you do all year long. You are truly making the most incredible, meaningful difference in the lives of your students and I’m honored to have you as part of this community.

Alright everybody, click the link below to support our teachers and clear some lists!

Amy Littleson’s Clear the List 2023

My personal favorite school supplies…