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June Amazon Prime Picks

A very random and fun collection of the best of the best of my recent Amazon purchase history!

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June Amazon Prime Picks

This Month’s Amazon Picks

This has the potential to be my most random collection of Amazon finds in my monthly roundups yet… but hey, I keep it true to my purchase history and share the best of the best, which sometimes ends up all over the place.

The last three items are my top picks from all of my Amazon Prime Day 2021 finds as well– so be sure to scroll down to see what I considered my absolute favorites from the sale! xx


Amazon Airheads Xtremes Bites

Airheads Xtremes Bites {$11.88 for a pack of 12 bags}

If you are into a sour-then-sweet gummy treat, these are IT. I grew up eating Airheads from the deli in my hometown, and these are such an addicting take on them (not to mention adorable– the rainbow colors are everything!). They make the perfect road trip, picnic, or beach treat. I did a sponsored post with them in May and am clearly continuing to share my obsession…

Amazon starburst insulated cooler bag

sunburst insulated cooler bag {$32.95}

I used this cooler bag in the post with Airheads that I did (I got it in an AVON PR mailer actually!) and I’ve been finding myself using it time and time again. It can fit a couple of bottles of wine and a few cups (or a cheese board spread!) and is super lightweight and easy to throw over your shoulder. It looks like the colorway I have is sold out, but the grapefruit version is just adorable too!

Amazon silicon wine glasses

silicone wine glasses {4 for $17.58}

In that same picnic spread, I also used these amazing silicone wine glasses! They’re the ideal cup for beach or boat days as they’re super light, all silicone, and won’t break or shatter. They come in a set of four, and are the prettiest seaglass colored shades. It’s also helpful that they’re all different colors so that you won’t mix up whose drink is whose. I think they’d make the best gift as well– even paired with a bottle of wine!

Amazon quick dry mens swim trunks

quick dry mens swim trunks {$19}

My mom got these for Johnny and my sister’s boyfriend when they visited Maine, and they were so such a hit!! So much so that we also ended up getting them for my dad for Father’s Day (but the navy version with the red lobsters!). They come in a bunch of colorful prints, run true to size, and dry really quick. Such an easy and fun gift for any guy in your life!

Amazon flat foundation brush

flat foundation brush {on SALE for $9}

This is a find that I saw @things.i.bought.and.liked share, which was ideal because I’ve been looking for a brush to try out with the new foundation I’ve been using for summer. I’m happy to report that this one lives up to the hype! It’s an Amazon best seller and has over 15k ratings and nearly five stars. It has super soft but dense bristles that doesn’t absorb my foundation but smooths it out evenly across my face. It actually feels pretty good to use, and blends my foundation so that it has an airbrushed look. It comes with a clear case too so you can pop it into your makeup bag and keep the bristles protected. I’m obsessed all around!

Amazon marshmallow roasting sticks

Marshmallow roasting sticks {10 for $5}

I got these for my parents when we first visited their new lake house in Maine at the start of June, and we used them then and also when I was back visiting this past weekend! My dad had originally told us that we would have to find sticks to use to roast marshmallows at the lake, and this has proven to be a much more effective strategy. They fit two marshmallows on the end (or more if you squeeze them in there!), don’t get hot at all on the handles, and extend to 32″ so you can sit a safe distance from the fire but still roast your marshmallows. They’re really easy to clean off with a sponge, and are made of stainless steal so they won’t rust! Here’s the fire pit we use as well– it’s been the best so far!

Amazon PopCorners Flex Protein Chips

PopCorners Flex Protein Chips {20 for $17}

This is without a doubt my new favorite snack (Johnny’s too!) that I stumbled upon on Amazon. They are buffalo flavored PopCorner chips that are unbelievably tasty and the perfect addiction to any salad (or even weirdly, scrambled eggs I’ve found!). They’re not bad for you either– each bag is only 120 calories and has 10g of protein and 4g of fiber. If you like anything buffalo flavored, or PopCorners in general, definitely try these out and let me know what you think!!

Amazon The Women's Study Bible

The Women’s Study Bible {$26.49}

I’ve recently been feeling a strong urge to start reading the Bible more, and then had to face the fact that I don’t actually own one or have one in our apartment. So after lots of research and discussion with my Christian Life Coach, Alexandra, I settled on this version, and am so happy that I did. It is in full color, which I find so visually appealing and easy to read, and includes the following: introductions to each book that provide background and context on them, articles that connect the text to real world applications, charts and maps that illustrate what’s going on and make it easier to understand, and thousands of helpful footnotes written by women scholars that help explain the deeper meaning of the text. It’s by far the easiest to read, and most visually appealing, Bible I’ve ever read! I’ve been following along with the Seamless Bible study so far, which I’m really enjoying.

Amazon Neutrogena Stubborn Acne Face Treatment

Neutrogena Stubborn Acne Face Treatment {on SALE for $9.50}

In the past few months I’ve been struggling with a lot of hormonal acne, so I of course took to Amazon and found this highly rated Benzoyl Peroxide acne treatment. I’ve been using it almost every day for the past month and am totally sold on its effectiveness! Whenever I see a pimple popping up, I dab a tiny bit of this on it and I’ve literally seen it go away within hours. It’s also free of fragrances, oils, parabens, and dyes– so it’s gentle in that regard but fierce on pimples. I am so thankful to have discovered it and hope it may help anyone else who finds themselves with a few blemishes here and there as well!

Here are my top three favorites from my Amazon Prime Day coverage

Amazon fleece jogger sweatpants

fleece jogger sweatpants {wearing the XS in ‘light pink,’ run true to size}

I was literally wearing these when I typed this! They are relaxed-fitting joggers that are lined with the softest light fleece. They are light enough to wear during the summer and layer up in the fall and winter with a fleece pullover. There are a ton of pretty colors but of course I scooped up the ‘light pink!’

Amazon lightweight athletic skort

lightweight athletic skort {wearing the XS, runs true to size}

This could be my favorite pick of my Prime Day roundup… who doesn’t love an easy run-around skort?! This one comes in 13 colors, has built-in mesh shorts (with pockets!!), and is made of stretchy wicking material to keep you cool. It’s long enough to be appropriate to wear for golf (I have the hardest time finding skorts for this, and I’m short!), and is all-around beyond comfortable.

Amazon high waisted biker shorts

high waisted biker shorts {wearing the S, size up one size}

These are the #1 best seller in ‘women’s workout shorts’ on Amazon and they have over 50,000 ratings and nearly five stars. I had to try them out and now completely get the hype– they are buttery soft, are made of stretchy spandex material, and have pockets for your keys or phone. I sized up a size so they wouldn’t be too tight and they fit perfectly. Shop the Post