March Amazon Prime Picks

This month's Amazon roundup is a hodgepodge of items I bought and highly recommend-- whether they're for skiing, a date night at home, or your spring break cocktails! There should be a little something for everyone. 😊

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March Amazon Prime fashion and home finds

This Month’s Amazon Picks

This month’s Amazon roundup is a hodgepodge of items I bought and highly recommend– whether they’re for skiing, a date night at home, or your spring break cocktails! There should be a little something for everyone, and as always I only recommend the best of the best (you should see the Amazon fails I receive and then end up returning!).

Click the below button to scroll through all of my Amazon finds in my Amazon storefront, or head to my February Amazon Prime Picks for even more cozy finds if you’re doing any spring skiing or if it’s still chilly where you are! xx


Amazon insulated bib overalls
Amazon insulated bib overalls
Amazon insulated bib overalls

insulated bib overalls {$50, wearing size XS-short, run true to size}

These absolutely SAVED ME when we were skiing in Colorado this month! They are such high quality for their price, don’t fall down because they have the adjustable suspenders, and kept me really warm the whole time! I wore them with my Amazon hot pink puffer coat and ski socks as well (not featured in this post but both phenomenal finds too). The pockets in the bib were perfect for keeping my ID and credit card safe as well. They have over 20k ratings on Amazon and nearly five stars. Highly recommend if you need snow pants/a ski bib in the future!

Amazon 2-pack thermal long sleeve shirts
Amazon 2-pack thermal long sleeve shirts

2-pack thermal long sleeve shirts {2 for $19.98, wearing size XS, run true to size}

My best friend Anna Catherine found these and a few of us ended up getting them for the ski trip. They were VERY warm for being so lightweight, and are lined with a thin layer of really soft micro fleece. On our second day skiing all I needed to wear was this top underneath my pink puffer jacket (also an Amazon find!) and I was warm (it was about 40 degrees out!). They are an awesome layering piece, especially for their price, for whenever you’re somewhere chilly.

Amazon Columbia half snap pullover

Columbia half snap pullover {on SALE for $39, wearing size XS, runs true to size}

I pretty much lived in this pullover when we were in Colorado, and I now want it in another color (like the pink/peach!). It’s so soft that I often slept with it next to me (weird I know, but comforting) and was an ideal pullover for layering with a shirt and jacket since it’s on the lighter side when it comes to fleece. It’s available in a variety of sizes and colors, and I’ve seen it on sale time and time again, so look out for that!

Amazon ski goggles
Amazon ski goggles

ski goggles {$23}

So funny story– I originally ordered these ski goggles (as seen in my Amazon ski roundup), but when they arrived and I tried them on they looked WAY too big for my face (and I thought I had a large head?! 😊). So I ended up ordering a kids’ pair and they actually worked perfectly! They never fogged up, were really easy to see through, and provided awesome UV protection. I figured I will only ski once or twice a year, so I didn’t invest in expensive brand name goggles and didn’t regret it for a second!

Amazon Goli apple cider vinegar gummies

Goli apple cider vinegar gummies {$18.98}

Ah these are a GAME CHANGER when it comes to de-bloating. I’ve been taking them on and off for a year now and see a substantial difference when I have two or three in the morning (with my hot water with lemon of course!). Unlike straight apple cider vinegar shots, these taste DELICIOUS and still pack as many nutrients as apple cider vinegar does. I will take a few after a night of lots of wine and/or pizza and find myself almost immediately de-bloating in my stomach area. They are LEGIT and are also gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO! They have over 200k ratings and are currently Amazon’s #1 best seller in nutritional supplements as well, so I can’t be the only one who feels this way!

Amazon large 1 gallon water bottle

large 1 gallon water bottle {$22, in the ‘light pink’ shade}

A few weeks ago I realized that I was finishing my tumbler water bottle so quickly and constantly refilling it, so it was time to bring in something much bigger… enter this MASSIVE one gallon water bottle. It is the best because I fill it up once in the morning (and throw in a few lemon wedges and frozen raspberries!) and it lasts me all day long! The rubber straw makes it even easier to drink from as well, and I just throw it all into the dish washer to clean.

Amazon Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage dinner plates

Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage dinner plates {set of 4 for $80}

I bought these cabbage dinner plates for the birthday/Valentine’s Day dinner I set up for Johnny in February and couldn’t love them more. They are a beautiful white shade that would coordinate with any tablescape (especially in the spring/summer!) and they’re dishwasher and microwave safe. I usually see cabbage plates priced much higher than this as well, so I think this is a steal!

Amazon BOSKA fondue party set
Amazon BOSKA fondue party set

BOSKA fondue party set {$30}

Speaking of that at-home dinner date we had, I bought this fondue set as well so that we could have Swiss fondue! I got this fondue (also an Amazon find!) and it was insanely delicious. It’s so easy to make as well– you just heat up the fondue on your stove and then transfer it into the fondue pot and light the three tealights underneath it to keep it warm (they work surprisingly well!). I cut up pieces of baguette, Granny Smith apples, and steamed broccoli and we dipped those into it– delish. I want to do it with a chocolate fondue next!

Amazon coconut ceramic mugs

coconut ceramic mugs {2 for $25.93}

So I bought these mugs for a cocktail I made with my favorite Blue Chair Bay Rum the other week and cannot get over how adorable they are! They feel very high quality for the price and come in a pack of two so you can make a cocktail in them for you and a friend. I even rimmed them with a little lime and shredded coconut when I made the cocktail for some addled flair. 😊

Amazon tropical paper straws

tropical paper straws {200 for $8}

Of course when I made that Blue Chair Bay Rum cocktail I had to go all out and also order tropical straws and little drink umbrellas (see below!). These come in a pack of 200 and have adorable tropical motifs on them like flamingos and palms… I’ll be reaching for them for all of my drinks all spring and summer long!

Amazon umbrella picks

umbrella picks {30 for $10}

These colorful umbrella picks take the classic ‘drink umbrella’ to the next level. I’ll definitely be packing them for our upcoming spring break trip later on in April, to throw in everyone’s drinks for a little pizzazz! Shop the Post