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November Amazon Picks

This month's Amazon roundup entails the top 10 home items we bought for our apartment!

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Amazon Prime Home Décor Finds

This Month’s Amazon Picks

In honor of gearing up to share the start of our apartment tour at the end of this week, this month’s Amazon roundup is a direct reflection of my recent Amazon order history 😊, AKA all things I’ve purchased for the apartment in the past few weeks.

Of course a more professionally photographed full apartment tour is coming very soon, but here are a few quick iPhone snaps of all items that I’ve found from Amazon Prime that I’m absolutely obsessed with now that we’re moved in and have put them to use.

I also shared some Amazon home picks in my August Amazon Picks blog post, as well as in my ‘Apartment’ section of my Amazon storefront! So there’s additional home/apartment finds there as well if you’re looking for more! xx


Amazon Prime Home Décor Finds Brass Light Fixture

brass pendant light {$200}

I cannot get over how absolutely stunning this light fixture is! It looks far more expensive than it actually is and was the perfect addition right above my desk! If you are ever looking for a light and airy pendant that matches basically everything, this is IT.

Amazon Prime Home Décor Finds Brass Light Fixture

clear glass ceiling light {$46}

Adnan found this dome ceiling light for our entryway and it was the ideal fixture to add a pop of glam to our little entrance! We used one of these lightbulbs in it, which were recommended by our handyman, and are extra bright!

Amazon Prime Home Décor Finds Faux Linen Curtains

faux linen curtains {$49}

Adnan also recommended these faux linen curtains and we love them. They’re the best neutral and compliment all of the colors we have in our living room and bedroom. They are also long enough to handle our taller ceilings, which is great. We hung them from these gold Amazon curtain rods (that were secured to the  ceiling by these wall brackets) with these gold curtain rings.

Amazon Prime Home Décor Finds Wine Rack

wine rack  {$33}

This was a @color_over_clutter find that I highly recommend for maximizing your wine storage! We’re able to fit a ton more wine onto our bar cart because of it (thank goodness 😊) and it’s a beautiful simple gold that coordinates so well with everything else.

Amazon Prime Home Décor Finds Gold Bamboo Picture Frame

gold bamboo picture frame {$18}

These next few finds have been my go-to picture frames that I’ve used all over the apartment. They all compliment each other really well when styled together too! This one is a lovely soft gold bamboo that comes in a variety of sizes.

Amazon Prime Home Décor Finds Acrylic Picture Frame

acrylic picture frames {2  for $25}

These are probably my favorite picture frames of all! They’re so simple and sleek and will coordinate with every  single color or print, since they’re clear. It’s so easy to slip a photo in them and they snap shut with magnets!

Amazon Prime Home Décor Finds Rattan Wood Frame

rattan wood picture frame {$17.95}

We have a few of these in our bedroom, where more of our rattan items are, and I think they’re the ideal beachy/rattan frame. I like the idea of mixing gold, acrylic, and rattan frames together (nothing new there 😊) to make it more of a collected, curated feel!

Amazon Prime Home Décor Finds Antique Gold Locket Picture Frame

antique gold locket frame {$14}

Here’s a photo of Johnny and I on my first trip to visit his family in Chicago back in 2015! I love this shot so much, but it was originally an Instagram of mine, making it a square shape, so I had to find a square frame. This one worked out perfectly– the clasp “locket” detail is such a sweet touch too!

Amazon Prime Home Décor Finds White Plastic Plates

6-piece white plate set {$26.65}

These are the plates we use for snacks or small lunches. I saw that they were so highly rated on Amazon so I scooped them up and am so happy I did. They’re made with really strong triple-layer glass that is chip resistant and dishwasher/microwave safe. Plus, they’re sleek and simple enough to match with anything, so you can easily have these as well as your more decorative plates.

Amazon Prime Home Décor Finds Faux Cowhide Rug

faux cowhide rug {$80.74}

I have this rug underneath my acrylic desk in my office area and I’m still not over the quality of it, especially for the price! It’s a light, natural color but then there are shiny gold specks all over it… it’s the perfect touch of glam in the center of the space! Highly recommend it if you’re looking for a small neutral area rug with a touch of gold. Shop the Post