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I'm finally sharing a few tips on creating your wedding registry, as well as listing exactly where we registered (and linking our registries!), and sharing our favorite wedding registry items in the home, kitchen, and dining categories!

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Amy Littleson McNitt wedding registry

“What should I register for?” has probably been my most asked question since I got engaged and then married. And I get it, the last thing you want while you are wedding planning are even more little decisions to make. Thankfully, I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to register us for (probably because I’ve noticed what I like from my mom’s collection of items over the years) so it ended up being pretty enjoyable. At the end of the day, it’s really just like adding everything to your cart but not having to pay for it. 😂

So below I’m explaining a few tips on creating your wedding registry, as well as listing exactly where we registered (and linking our registries!), and finally, sharing our favorite wedding registry items in the home, kitchen, and dining categories. I hope this helps you save time for when it comes to register yourself, and also inspires a few registry additions that you may not have seen or thought of yet!

Amy Littleson McNitt wedding registry
Amy Littleson McNitt wedding registry

dress {true to size, in the XS} // heels // earrings // wicker wine basket // personalized ice bucket

A Few Notes

  • My bridal shower theme was “stock the bar,” which was a really fun way to start receiving our registry gifts that we could use right away. We brought those items back with us to NYC (my bridal shower was in Connecticut), but almost everything else we received was sent to my family’s house in Maine to go into storage there, since we simply don’t have room in our little NYC apartment now. It’s going to be the best day ever when we move into a house down the line and get to open up the majority of our registry gifts and start using them then!
  • We didn’t end up going into any stores to physically register for anything (again, because I already had a good idea of what I wanted to go with), but I’d highly recommend doing so if you are debating between various items and want to touch/see them in person. I also think that would be a fun thing to do as a couple– spend a morning registering for things and then celebrate with a boozy brunch after!
  • We had a “honeymoon fund” as part of our registry on Over the Moon (more on that below!) and it was a great way for anyone who wanted to give money to do so easily. We used some of it for our honeymoon costs, and put the rest into savings. 
  • Finally, Johnny and I wrote our wedding registry thank-you notes as we received the gifts, and we kept track of them in each of the three registries I mention below. We found this to be the best approach for us for both keeping track of the gifts, and getting ahead of our thank yous so that we didn’t have dozens and dozens to do right after our wedding. I think it also put the gift giver at ease too, because we sent them a thank you at least within a month of receiving their gift. That way they knew we had received it and they could then check it off their list too! Here is the stationery I loved and used. Johnny and I split up the notes pretty evenly as well– he did the ones for gifts from his friends/family, and I did mine! We love a man who can write a good thank you note. 😉
Amy Littleson McNitt wedding registry

Where We Registered

Over the MoonI think that Over the Moon’s registry has the best selection of special, colorful, and unique items compared to any other retailer. They carry a number of artists and brands I really love, like Tricia Lowenfield, Maison Maison, and Bordallo Pinheiro. Another huge perk of registering with them is that you’re able to add any item, from literally any other website, to your Over the Moon registry page. So say that you want to add something that’s not already on any of the platforms you’re registering with, all you have to do is add that item to the OTM registry page (they explain exactly how to do that in this registry “how to” guide.

Bloomingdale’s I found Bloomingdale’s registry options to have the best crystal and kitchenware type of items. We used this registry for our crystal, flatware, pots and pans, and other miscellaneous kitchen/cooking items. There are also a ton of perks that come with registering at Bloomingdale’s— you receive a free registry consultant to help you with anything you’d need, get 20% off their dresses and suits while you’re registered, can return anything for sitewide store credit, and also receive 20% off anything left on your registry within six months after your wedding day.

Williams Sonoma We knew we wanted to go with the classic cream and gold Pickard Signature Monogram Dinnerware set, but it wasn’t available on either Over the Moon or Bloomingdale’s. I also couldn’t add it to our Over the Moon registry and have it monogrammed, which is why I ended up creating the Williams Sonoma registry just for our dinnerware. I really love the simple look we went for with this, as it will never feel outdated and has a personal touch with our combined monogram. 

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