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You won't find any Christmas reds, tartan, or cashmere in this December Edit, but more along the lines of hot pinks, block print, and lightweight fabrics... this could easily be called the "Vero Beach Edit" & is one of my favorites to date!

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pendant necklace // Amazon bikini // seashell necklace

tortoise sunglasses // sunkissed makeup set // neutral raffia bag // blush straw bag

long sleeve dress // Amazon flower earrings // tie sleeve pink & green dress // faux fur earrings

tie sleeve pink & orange dress // seashell earrings // gold scrunchie


You won’t find any Christmas reds, tartan, or cashmere in this December Edit, but more along the lines of hot pinks, block print, and lightweight fabrics… who says there’s no room for sunshine in December?! This could easily be called the “Vero Beach Edit” because I packed quite a few of the above items for my time in Vero this holiday break.

I’ve been here since the Saturday before Christmas and we’ve actually only had good weather and sunshine on Christmas and the day after so far… but Johnny is now here with his family and we have lots of fun planned for the rest of the week. I’m heading to Palm Beach for a work event on Saturday, but other then that my work schedule is pretty free, which feels so nice and refreshing. I’ve been working on this edit in my downtime and and it’s definitely one of my favorites to date, as it’s inspired by my happy place in Vero. 😊Hope you become as obsessed with these items as I have!

Pendant Necklace //

I feel like whenever I hit warmer weather I start layering on gold necklaces (why is that?! 😊) and this one is ideal for just that. I would layer it as the last necklace below a shorter necklace (like this short diamond necklace) and a middle necklace (like this gold monogram disk necklace)!

Amazon Bikini {only $27} //

This is my new Amazon bikini addiction. I bought it on a whim and am so happy I did! It fits true to size, is very comfortable, and the oranges + little ruffling detailing is too cute!

Seashell Necklace {only $56} //

I will forever gravitate toward seashell jewelry, as it represents my love of the seashore and beach, and this simple necklace is just that. It’s on a 14k gold coated chain with the little gold beads spaced throughout (which is my personal favorite style of necklace chains!). It’s also a 16″-18″ chain length, which makes it perfect for layering with other necklaces as well.

Tortoise Sunglasses //

These Tory Burch tortoise sunglasses are from the Sunglass Hut and they’re my favorite tortoise sunglasses I’ve ever owned. The shape is so feminine and they work really well if you have a round/heart shaped face! The gold detailing is very chic as well and definitely adds an elevated look to them.

Sunkissed Makeup Set //

I have been using this makeup set all throughout my time in Florida so far and cannot say enough good things about it. It’s a $103 value but is retailing for only $45. You can see all of the products it contains here, but there’s Charlotte Tilbury, BECCA, Laura Mercier, + more. It’s the perfect combination of products to achieve a warm, sunkissed glow. I used my go-to St. Tropez mousse first to get a base tan!

Neutral Raffia Bag //

I feel like with every trip to Florida I end up purchasing another straw bag (that I do not need, yet somehow convince myself that it’s different enough from all of the other ones I own…). This one is the ideal neutral, “every day” straw bag that you can throw your phone and lipstick in for dinner. You would definitely get your money’s worth out of it!!

Blush Straw Bag {on sale for $39!} //

This bag comes in three colors and normally retails for $109, so this is such a steal! I love how unique the cylinder shape is– the on-model image here shows the size of the bag a little bit better as well.

Long Sleeve Dress //

This was a love-at-first-sight type of dress that I unfortunately didn’t jump on quickly enough (it looks like the size small is already sold out, but let me know if you see it come back in stock– I’ll be checking too!). I would wear it everywhere and already know that it would go with most of the jewelry and bags that I own. 😊

Amazon Flower Earrings {only $16!} //

These floral statement earrings are an Amazon Prime favorite of mine, so much so that I included them in my 2019 Amazon Prime roundup post. They are lightweight & come in so many beautiful colors, that will match nearly everything you pack for a sunny trip.

Tie Sleeve Pink & Green Dress //

This is one of those dresses that I saw and immediately gasped out loud. It only makes sense though, because I’ve been obsessed with Juliet Dunn’s designs for about a year now (I wore one of her dresses for my 25th birthday beach picnic dinner!). The pink & green block print is so stunning, and combined with the adjustable ties and pockets, it’s SO good! I have the size “1” which fits like a small.

Faux Fur Earrings //

I recently got these faux mink Lisi Lerch earrings and cannot get over how different and fun they are! They would spice up any turtleneck look (once you return to colder weather) or would just generally be cute with an all-white outfit (or pretty much anything that has light pink in it!).

Tie Sleeve Pink & Orange Dress //

This is another Juliet Dunn dress that I have my eye on. I’m not usually a pink & orange gal, but I can’t help but think of how gorgeous this would look with a good tan and a glass of rosé… can you picture it?!

Seashell Earrings //

I have a very similar pair of earrings (also from the brand Rock & Bone) that are the perfect beachy neutral statement earrings. They’re such a bold way to dress up a low bun hairstyle and they seriously go with everything. From a flowy coverup to a tunic top, you’re guaranteed to get compliments on them because they’re so different! Also, as an FYI they are clip-ons because of the beads/shells.

Gold Scrunchie {only $6!} //

This is the perfect neutral scrunchie to throw into your clutch or beach bag if you’re out and about and may want to throw your hair up if it’s hot. I of course LOVE the subtle gold shimmer that it has!

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