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15 Items to Elevate Your First Apartment

15 of my best recommendations for gorgeous and chic decor items to elevate your first apartment-- no matter what your color scheme!

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15 Items to Elevate Your First Apartment

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From Dorm Room to Apartment

There comes a time when you move into your first post-grad apartment when you have to part with all of your glitter painted sorority letters and the twin-sized bedsheets you ate late night pizza in one (or ten) too many times.

I remember it being a weirdly sad, yet satisfying, feeling to clean out all of my dorm room items and start with a moderately clean slate when I moved into my first ‘real apartment’ in Philadelphia.

I realize that many of you are graduating this year, and beginning the process of moving into your first apartment (or starting to plan accordingly!), so in an effort to level up from the stained shag rugs I had in college (also, no hate to shag rugs– I have this one in my closet now), here are some of my best recommendations for gorgeous and chic items to elevate your first apartment.

And if you’re already settled into somewhere you love, some of these items may be the perfect addition to spice up your space! I selected all clean gold, white, and acrylic pieces that can coordinate with just about any decor scheme. I own and love many of these in our current apartment in NYC too! xx

15 Chic Items for your First Apartment

Picture frames: This acrylic Amazon pair is my favorite! Sleek and goes with everything.

Personable art: I think that the art you include in your apartment says a lot about you, so have fun with it and make it reflective of your favorite things & places!

Area rug: In a lot of apartments you’re required to cover a certain percentage of the floor, so cute area rugs are your best friend.

Chic lighting: A floor lamp or table lamp gives off such a cozy glow– our gold/acrylic one goes with everything! It’s 50% off too.

Pretty bookshelf: Speaking of acrylic, this bookshelf is the PERFECT spot for all of your favorite decorative items.

Fun decorative pieces: Fun decorative pieces: How sleek are these leopards?! Set them just about anywhere!

Bar cart: This is a must for holding your glassware, cocktail napkins, & wine! This one is small so it can fit just about anywhere.

Faux florals: If you’re like me & can’t keep a real orchid alive, this beautiful faux orchid is amazing! I have it and my friends couldn’t believe it was fake.

Throw pillows: These match the area rug & I love the specks of gold in them!

Coffee mugs: My morning necessity– these come in a pack of 4 for $40!

A tray: Nobody does acrylic like Jonathan Adler & this little tray proves that. Perfect for on top of a coffee table!

Standing mirror: There’s nothing better for getting dressed or checking yourself before you head out the door (also selfies). This one is very similar to ours!

Coffee table books: I have one rule with these– the more the merrier! Buy ones that reflect your personality & interests

Nesting boxes: These are so perfect for storing jewelry, keepsakes, or even your keys/wallet by your front door.

Curtains: Curtains completely transform a room and will elevate the space– we have these in the ‘rice white’ in our whole apartment!

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