Cocktail Hour #11

I'm about a month overdue for a new Cocktail Hour post! Sharing everything I did in June, my current obsessions, the best deals going on, + so much more...

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Embroidered pom pom Chicwish dress

Embroidered pom pom Chicwish dress

Embroidered pom pom Chicwish dress

Embroidered pom pom Chicwish dress

Embroidered pom pom Chicwish dress

Embroidered pom pom Chicwish dress

Embroidered pom pom Chicwish dress

Embroidered pom pom Chicwish dress

Outfit Details: dress: ChicWish c/o {only $69!} // bag: Skinny Dip Nantucket {similar straw basket bag, and here are even more straw basket bags} // shoes: SheIn c/o {unfortunately sold out, similar leather sandals that come in seven colors} // sunglasses: Diff Eyewear c/o {use the code AMYPINK for $25 off any pair of Diff sunglasses!} // similar diamond necklace 

Interested in learning about the concept behind these Cocktail Hour posts? Take a look at the first Cocktail Hour I did— it explains them well!

Cocktail of the Week:

The painkiller. I haven’t talked about the painkiller at length yet on here (only mentioned it in Cocktail Hour #7), and it’s about time that I did. It’s pretty much a sassy twist on the piña colada– concocted with coconut cream, orange juice, pineapple juice, rum, and nutmeg (here’s the offish recipe). I first discovered the Painkiller at the Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke, where it was first created and happens to be world-famous (don’t worry, I was over 18 which is the legal drinking age there, ha!). It is hands-down my favorite summer or island beverage, right before rosé. My co-workers know this and were so cute by surprising me by serving everyone painkillers at our dinner at TOPPER’S the last night of our Nantucket trip in honor of my birthday. Also, as you may have seen on my Instagram stories, I have been indulging in a painkiller almost every weekend at The Sandbar (where Jacqueline works this summer) at the shore. It’s SO good, you guys. I’d definitely suggest ordering it the next time you’re at a beach bar… and then let me know what you think!

Life Updates:

In my last Cocktail Hour, I was gearing up for the whirlwind month of June. It’s safe to say that June was a total and complete BLAST but the travel and craziness of it all had to end somewhere. A few June highlights? The Lilly Pulitzer influencer trip in Nantucket, celebrating my birthday in NYC for the first time with a group of the best :), my birthday weekend with Johnny in Portsmouth, NH and Kennebunkport (complete with the most UNREAL whale watching experience I could have ever imagined… (I am still not over seeing a mamma + baby humpback whale breech over 50 times only a few hundred yards from our boat!), going to Chicago to stay with Johnny’s family and see my first Cubs game which I LOVED, and making it to the shore once or twice in there as well which you know is my absolute favorite. I am so thankful for jam-packed months like that where I can truly throw everything I have at life. I’ve learned that when you go into a packed schedule with a “let’s do this” attitude and a firm belief that it will all work out and you’ll have FUN along the way, it truly ends up being that way. 🙂

As for July so far? I’ve been taking it easy– kicking off the month with a five-day weekend for the 4th, and making my way to Long Beach Island each weekend after that. I wanted to institute a “No Travel August” so that I had some time to catch up on blog tasks (and try to relax ha) that whole month. I am already breaking it (#classic) by heading to the Hamptons the first weekend of August, so it’s looking like July is unexpectedly shaping up to be my “no travel month!” I’m just fine by that. 🙂

I also wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for following along with me through Instagram the past few weeks. I’ve been trying to share my life as much as I can (even more so than usual!) and make my images and captions more meaningful and real. I hope it’s shining through in some small way. 🙂

Pit of the Week:

I won’t get to see Johnny for a little over three weeks (which is just how our schedules worked out right now), which has me bummed out. He’s moving apartments in NYC this weekend so I am looking forward to seeing his new one soon and exploring his new neighborhood. I’ve already started compiling a restaurant list… trying to focus on the positives!

Peak of the Week:

My birthday week was honestly so unexpectedly fun and special. I had very low expectations for my 24th (see my new take on counting age in this post), but it actually ended up being one of my favorite days ever. 🙂 Drinks at Grand Banks turned into a fabulous dinner at City Vineyard that ended up with my mom and sister Ubering back to New Jersey… you could say we had a fun night. 😉

Also, I just booked a really, really fun and I have to admit, *spontaneous* trip for the start of October! I’ll share more details as it gets closer but I’ll give you a hint now… it’s international and on the beach!

Wellness Tidbit of the Week:

My grandmother got me the book, “Too Blessed to be Stressed,” a while ago, and it’s been in the basket of books underneath my nightstand for a while now. I just opened it up this past week and have been flipping to a random page each night to read. It takes about a minute to read each page, which is its own Bible verse, and I can’t tell you how much it’s helped give me a sense of peace before I go to sleep. Pick it up with your next Amazon order. ?

Favorite Thing Seen on the Internet This Week:

Mackenzie Horan’s updated Nantucket guide! It’s so thorough and includes all of my favorite spots. Such a great resource if you’re visiting this summer.

Best Deal of the Week:

Urban Outfitters is now 25% off all home décor and bedding… which makes it the perfect time to peruse their site for anything new for your dorm or apartment. This Lauren Conrad ring convertible crossbody bag is so chic for the end of summer and start of fall. It comes in eight colors and is on sale for $27 right now– I just got it in the “Deep Sapphire” color! Cannot wait for it to arrive.

IBIP Obsession of the Week:

This “IBIP Obsession” is coming from my little sister, Jacqueline. She recently got these Abercrombie jean shorts and she cannot stop talking about them. Her favorite part about them is that they “aren’t too tight” and that they “cover my butt.” Low expectations exceeded. They’re on sale for $29 now! Scoop ’em up to wear around all of August.

As for me? I need another straw bag like I need a hole in my head, but I am absolutely obsessed with this “hello sunshine” straw tote bag from Anthro. Also, I just scooped up this pineapple/elephant pink and green tassel necklace from Kohl’s (only $12!) and literally want to wear it with everything I own.

Your Favorite Item Seen on IBIP This Week:

Actually, the embroidered maxi dress that I’m wearing in this post was your favorite for the month of June! And for the month of July so far it’s this Tory Burch Leather Crossbody Bag! I picked it up at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and looove both its classic look and how practical it is.

Thank you so much for taking some time out of your day to read and scroll through this Cocktail Hour post. As always, it means the absolute world to me to get to share so much of my life with you!