Cocktail Hour #7

Getting more personal in this week's Cocktail Hour... & of course lightening it up with a pineapple or two.

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Cabana Life UPF 50+ clothing

Cabana Life UPF 50+ clothing

Cabana Life UPF 50+ clothing

Cabana Life UPF 50+ clothing

Cabana Life UPF 50+ clothing

Cabana Life UPF 50+ clothing

Cabana Life UPF 50+ clothing

Outfit Details: coverup: Cabana Life c/o {use the code IBIP20 for 20% off your entire order}// necklace: Colby Davis c/o {read all about its significance in this post} // clutch: I Believe in Pink Boutique // rashguard: Cabana Life c/o // bikini top: Cabana Life c/o // bikini bottoms: Cabana Life c/o // sunglasses: Ray-Ban

First a little bit about Cabana Life, who makes the coverup + rash guard I’m wearing in these photos— I have been following Cabana Life as brand for a while now and was so thrilled to have the opportunity to try out and wear some of their newest styles in Vero Beach two weeks ago. Ever since entering my 20s, I’ve been a whole lot more conscious about my sun exposure and the protection I use. Gone are the days where I used to bake in the sun. Instead, I’ve turned to self tanners and sun protective lotions and clothing. That brings me to Cabana Life…

Cabana Life’s initial founder, Melissa Papock, was diagnosed with skin cancer when she was 26 years old (26!). She worked as a merchandising expert for major fashion magazines and left her job to start Cabana Life when her doctor told her that she should start wearing “sun protective clothing” (how badass and amazing is she as an entrepreneur?!) #goals.

Since then, Cabana Life has been a pioneer in making sun protection clothing fashionable and its UPF 50+ clothing is so, so important for any fellow sun-lovers (me me me!) who would spend all day out in the sunshine if it was up to them. The quality of fabric is so high as it quickly dries off after being exposed to water and is so soft to the touch, and the patterns are fun, vibrant, and poolside-ready— so it was a no brainer to keep a pile of Cabana Life styles on the closet shelf in my room in Vero for whenever I’m there!

BONUS: use the code IBIP20 for 20% off your entire Cabana Life order

If this is the first IBIP Cocktail Hour post you’re reading, see my first Cocktail Hour post before reading this– it explains the concept behind these!

Cocktail of the Week:

When I was in Florida two weekends ago, we went to this unreal beachside bar and restaurant called Captain Hiram’s in Sebastian, FL. It is my kind of place— it’s so laid-back (you can take off  your shoes or show up in a bathingsuit), they play live music, and the vibes are so islandy, rustic, and relaxed. I ordered the “Pusser’s Painkiller,” which was a combo of Pusser’s Rum, cream of coconut, pineapple and orange juice, cinnamon, and touch of nutmeg. Pusser’s Rum is a favorite of mine, which I’ve had at the Pusser’s Rum restaurant in Pusser’s Marina Cay in the BVIs. One sip in and I didn’t know if I was in Florida or the British West Indies.

Life Updates:

I feel like I have so many life updates to cover since I shared a Cocktail Hour last, so I started listing them out to write about and thought I’d keep them in list form for you!

  1. I took my first vacation of 2018 and flew to Vero Beach, FL to hang with my little cousins (my mom’s little brother’s kids) and my aunt, uncle, and mamma. I surprised my cousins with my arrival and we had the BEST time hanging out and catching up. That weekend (Easter weekend) Johnny also came to Vero (his parents have a house there too) and so I spent the weekend with his family because my cousins left and my mom went to Nashville to meet my dad and be with Jacqueline for Easter. Johnny did get to meet my cousins though and I don’t know who had a better time at the John’s Island Easter weekend fair— him or them ? Staying at Johnny’s for the weekend made it feel like Part 2 of my vacay and we celebrated Easter by attending the sunrise beach service, eating a lottt, and having a highly competitive, intense egg hunt in which I *yes me* found the highly sought-after Golden Egg hidden in their pool filter ? Throughout the whole trip I also managed to get a ton of blog content created & work done (thanks to the help of my mom who is a serious rockstar) so it was such time well spent.
  2. I went to Richmond the following weekend for our Pig Roast weekend— as you may have seen on my Insta story. Even though it was freeezing, I had the BEST time seeing and catching up with my best friends and the younger girls there (who are still in college) who I ADORE and miss so much. I also strangely got a LOT of sleep and felt so rested afterwards. Over that weekend I decided that I’m going back for my Little’s graduation in May so I am very happy about that opportunity to celebrate her. 🙂
  3. OMG I finished all 12 weeks of Kayla Itsines’ BBG program this week and am so proud of myself you guys!! Ha, I have been sharing my journey a little bit on Insta stories, but I posted a poll yesterday and asked if I should blog a full review/recap and got an overwhelming YES. So I am planning to reflect on and recap the program to share with all of you so soon! First I have to pull up my bikini pics from three months ago and compare the results… eeek.
  4. #RealTalk: I have been thinking a lottt about what I Believe in Pink is as a brand and how working full time and blogging (which easily has enough work to be a full time job) co-exist and fit into my life all at once. In the last 8 months I’ve realized that there is a lot of logistics, coordination, and scheduling that goes into managing both a full time career and a blog (+ a boutique!) so I’ve been trying to streamline my tasks and really think hard about the value of the IBIP brand and what it means to my readers + followers. If you could email or DM me with anything you’d like to see more of on here or what you’re looking for MOST out of bloggers that would be wonderful. I am praying on and seeking a new direction for this happy little corner of the internet and would love to hear what you love most about IBIP and what you’d like to see MORE of.

Pit of the Week:

My pit kind of aligns with #4– I’ve had fluctuations of being overwhelmed and feeling anxious and unsteady the past two weeks. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to sleep (like how the vampires in Twilight didn’t have to HA ?) so I could work straight through the night without rest. Is that crazy to even think?! Then I remember how much I LOOOOVE to sleep (I’m a big napper and can fall asleep almost anywhere at anytime) and regret thinking such a thing. Anyways, it’s such a pit to feel like that occasionally and I can’t help but share it on here. I promise to keep it real with ya. 🙂

Peak of the Week:

My peak has to be all of the family and friend time Ive had over the past two weeks. Being with my little cousins in Vero and then my best friends in Richmond meant the world to me. I adore getting to be a cousin and friend to them and things like throwing the lacrosse ball on the beach with my cousins and sitting on the floor of my Little’s room eating a cheese board are my favorite kind of “peak” moments for sure. 🙂

Wellness Tidbit of the Week:

This is a new NutriBullet update! I shared my newfound obsessed with the Nutribullet in last week’s Cocktail Hour and have since discovered this healthier alternative to peanut butter.  It has 90% less fat and 1/3 of the calories of regular peanut butter and it’s made of real roasted, pressed peanuts. WOW. It comes in a powder form, so I add two scoops to my smoothie and it gets a rich peanut butter taste– without all of the calories and far from regular peanut butter. You can also mix 2 tablespoons of it with 1.5 tablespoons of water to form it into a creamy peanut butter texture to spread on toast, use as a dip, etc. You can find all of my Nutribullet essentials on my Amazon page.

Favorite Thing Seen on the Internet This Week:

The internet has existed of mostly email for me lately ? but I did see Gray Malin’s new Palm Beach collection which had me swooning. For my 23rd birthday this past June, my mom said I could pick out a Gray Malin photo because she’s been hearing me talk about him for years and I honestly think she was sick of it ha. I was ecstatic and thought that choosing one would be so easy, as I usually know what I love and things stand out to me quickly, but I’ve had the HARDEST time making a decision! I had so many qualifications for what the photo would be (which didn’t help my decision making process..)— I wanted it to be a photo of a location I had been to and had amazing memories of, it needed to match my color scheme and aesthetic #duh, and I wanted it to evoke a feeling of warmth and happiness and general good vibes whenever I looked at it. Look at me… setting the bar low, per usual… BUT I finally decided on one the other day and we placed the order. I cannot WAIT to show you which one it is. Any guesses as to what place?!!

Best Deal of the Week:

Shopbop is offering 25% off full priced and sale items with the code EVENT18. This is such a great chance to score luxe styles at 25% off. Shop now and shop quickly!

IBIP Obsession of the Week:

My new monogrammed, flamingo-themed Barrington tote bag. It’s whimsical, goes with everything, and fits all the things. I couldn’t be any more obsessed with their new spring St. Anne Tote bag patterns!

Your Favorite Item Seen on IBIP This Week:

Your most-loved item of the week was this Cabana Life high neck halter one-piece swimsuit! Very fitting for this Cabana Life-themed post. 😉


Much love to Cabana Life for sponsoring this post! Thank you for supporting the brands that support I Believe in Pink.