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September Amazon Picks

Changing up the format of my monthly Amazon picks roundup... I think you're going to like this one! ???? Read More

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Amazon finds roundup of Amazon fall finds

This Month’s Amazon Picks

Hi friends and happy Monday! I wanted to kick off this week by sharing one of my most popular series, Amazon roundups, in a new type of format. ????

In the past I’ve perused Amazon and created my ‘Amazon Picks’ roundups based on various themes (like flowy dresses, décor for your home, beauty products, organizational items, etc. But since I’ve been sharing those for over a year now, I thought we’d switch it up and feature all of the items I already own (or have recently purchased) from Amazon.

So, introducing my new monthly Amazon series, which is really like a revamp of the last one. I’ll be walking through all of these items on my Instagram stories (and saving them to my ‘Amazon’ Instagram highlight) as well, so be sure to head over there for the video format of this post.

Also, just so you know, I will save everything to my Amazon storefront as well! Which is a fun place to stalk everything I’ve ordered or am perusing from Amazon too. I just can never get enough of that 2-day Prime shipping… it’s a level of convenience that I have become way too reliant on. ???? Also, it’s just so much fun to hunt through everything and find the best of the best Amazon pieces! xx


Amazon finds roundup of Amazon fall finds

black puff sleeve mini dress {$55, wearing size XXS I sized down one size}

This is SUCH a good find! It’s part of Amazon’s The Drop line, which entails collections designed by influencers. The puff sleeves are the ideal size (without being too overwhelming) and it will transition so seamlessly from the last days of summer through fall. Pair it with sneakers or booties– either would work!

Amazon finds roundup of Amazon fall finds

turtleneck knit sweater {$30, wearing size S, runs TTS}

This is easily (and surprisingly!) one of the softest sweaters that I own. No kidding, it’s worth ordering just to snuggle up in! I love the neutral ‘apricot’ colored check pattern as well– it’s so easy to throw on and be extremely comfortable in on a cooler day!

Amazon finds roundup of Amazon fall finds

lightweight camouflage jacket {$38, wearing size S, runs TTS}

This camo jacket was one of my favorite purchases from last fall and is an inexpensive, no risk way to incorporate a little camo into your wardrobe (which I consider to be such a neutral during fall). It has pockets, a zipper, and snaps as well, which makes it functional and the ideal light jacket.

Amazon finds roundup of Amazon fall finds

faux shearling pullover {$36, wearing size S, runs TTS}

Alright alright. Trust me on this one– it may not be the cutest thing I’ve ever shared with you, but may very well be the coziest and comfiest. This pullover is covered in this soft sherpa-esq material (even on the inside!) and has a zipper you can pull up or halfway down, along with two big kangaroo pockets (which are the perfect size for snacks ????). I love it so much that I have it in both this army green color and the pink! *Ideal* for lounging or working from home.

Amazon finds roundup of Amazon fall finds
Amazon finds roundup of Amazon fall finds

Levi wedgie jeans {$38, wearing size 25 in the color ‘pacific waves,’ run TTS}

If you’re looking for a classic pair of jeans with an iconic wash and silhouette, look no further than the Levi wedgie jeans. I scored these last year and now cannot believe that they’re on sale for 45% off! They have no stretch to them, which means that they wear really well (I consider them lifelong jeans) and don’t get looser as you wash and wear them. I cuffed them once at the bottom and they fit perfectly (I’m 5’1″ for reference). They’re easily in my top 3 favorite pairs of pants!

Amazon finds roundup of Amazon fall finds

Essence false lash mascara {$5!}

Ah this mascara really does live up to its hype… I did a campaign with Essence a few years back, which is when I first started using it loyally. I use it as the last step in my mascara routine (usually after this primer + this mascara) and am obsessed with how it elongates my lashes and de-clumps any stray mascara. You cannot beat the value and quality of this one… it has over 45,000 ratings and is currently Amazon’s #1 seller in the ‘mascara’ category too!

Amazon finds roundup of Amazon fall finds

Exfoliating wooden shower brush {$13}

I started using this exfoliating brush a few weeks back and have definitely noticed a difference in how smooth and soft my skin is. I  use it with either soap or an exfoliating scrub (usually this vanilla coconut body scrub, which I swear by!) and it removes all of my dry/dead skin (ew, sorry) and removes fake tans like a charm. It has two different brush heads as well (one is supposed to be used for dry brushing but I use them both while in the  shower!),  so you can alternate between the two depending on how much you want to exfoliate.

Amazon finds roundup of Amazon fall finds

AirPods case cover {$6 in the color ‘pink sand’}

I scooped up this little AirPods case when I first got my Airpods and was so happy that I did! It keeps them protected and clean when I throw them into my bag/around the house, and they can easily be clipped on to just about everything. They also help to determine which AirPods are mine, since my family seems to always be mixing ours up ????. They also have a version for the newer AirPod shape as well!

Amazon finds roundup of Amazon fall finds

’31 Days of Prayer for the Dreamer & Doer’ {$16}

I recently finished this devotional, which I just loved. It was recommended to me by my Christian life coach as a “starter devotional” which it turned out to be just perfect for. It covers 31 days of prayers, each written by a variety of creative and entrepreneurial women who focus on a different topic for each day– like comparison, grace, authenticity, etc.. After each prayer there are a few corresponding quotes from the Bible and some questions that can prompt you to journal if you like– it is so beautifully written and easy to follow. It took me no longer than five minutes to read each morning, and was such an encouraging start to my day. I ordered the ‘Year of Living Happy’ devotional to read next! Shop the Post