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January Amazon Picks: Organization

I rounded up my top apartment/home/office organizational products on Amazon, in the hopes that it can help you create a simpler & happier space at the start of the new year...

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Top Amazon Prime home, jewelry, and beauty organization products

I’m writing this post from a cute little café in the East Village in NYC. It’s day 10 of 2020 and if you’re like me at all, then you’re just wrapping your head around this new year (and decade!).

There are a lot of expectations that come with starting a new year out “right,” and honestly I’m just trying to take it day by day and really *try* not to put too much pressure on myself. Sometimes it’s more than enough to just wake up and try to be the best version of yourself each day, right?

But of course we live in an era where new year’s resolutions are trending and January has turned into a month of new goals and “getting your life together.” And if you don’t get too wrapped up in it all, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself, it can be a really productive month of organization and starting fresh!

Best Organizational Items on Amazon

That’s why for my Amazon Prime roundup this month, I wanted to focus on some of the best organizational items on Amazon. I either own and love some of the below items or they are top rated/reviewed products on Amazon. There are so many good finds!

Through my research for this post, I found that I really like the brand mDesign (their items are so chic & practical!) so that’s aways another good place to look if you’re shopping for additional organizational products that I may not have included.

Hopefully this post helps you find a few new helpful items to make your apartment/home/office an even simpler, happier space. It’s absolutely amazing how impactful it can be to organize a space that you inhabit so often. It can really help clear your mind and limit anxiety… so here’s to focusing on that this month + beyond! xx

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