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2023 Top Five

Recapping the top blog posts, Instagram posts, purchased items, Amazon items, and my personal favorites of 2023!

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2023’s Top 5 of Everything

Four years ago I started this series where I look back on the past year and recap the most popular and purchased topics/products across all of my platforms. For reference, here’s a look my 2022 roundup, 2021 roundup, and 2020 roundup. Pulling the analytics and then putting together this post is now something I look forward to at the end of each year, and always find it beyond interesting to see what you all read, liked, and purchased the most!

I also do some reflection to round up my personal top five products or additions to my lifestyle this year, which you’ll find at the end of this post. In all, a few patterns I saw are that you loved my wedding weekend posts, easy beauty finds for face/hair, and functional + cute pants and bags.

Do you own and love anything on these lists, and better yet– did you discover them through me? I’d love to know if so! And THANK YOU for being part of this crazy corner of the internet that allows me to share my life, personal favorites, and little joys with you all year long! xx

Amy Littleson 2023 Favorites

yoga pants // wax stick // personalized straw bags // nude heels // crystal earrings // tinted sunscreen // foundation // floral mat // depuffing mask // travel duffle // dermaplaning razors // juice cleanse // block print pants // chin lifting masks

Top 5 Most Read Blog Posts

ONE // Wedding Weekend Packing List

TWO // Honeymoon Packing List: The Maldives & Dubai

THREE // Golden Goose Sneakers Review

FOUR // Travel Essentials from Amazon & for Long Flights

FIVE // 29 Fun Facts About Me for My 29th Birthday

Top 5 Most Liked Instagram Posts

ONE // When our wedding guests SHOWED UP in their best, pinkest, most fabulous looks. This actually went so viral that I saw it translated and shared in multiple other countries too!

TWO // The short version of our wedding video… I don’t not tear up every time I watch it.

THREE // Our “Pink Dinks” pickleball party to kick off our wedding weekend!

FOUR // My bridesmaid’s luncheon the day before our wedding.

FIVE // Our spontaneous mid-wedding reception entrance, complete with hot pink tulle, champagne bottles, and sparklers.

Your Top 5 Most Purchased Items

ONE // You all went wild for the $20 squishy “floral comfort mat” that we have in our kitchen! I bought it months ago and it’s sill in perfect condition. Adorable and super comfortable to stand on while washing dishes!

TWO // Another floral moment (no surprise here!) in these wide leg linen LOFT pants that have the most darling bouquet print. I wore these all summer long and really love all of the vibrant colors in them!

THREE // It’s not an end of the year roundup for me without some facial de-puffing product (my life’s work, nbd), and this famous Clarins face mask sold like crazy. It’s what I use to reduce puffiness before any major event (you better believe I had it on the morning of my wedding), and is #1 in terms of contouring and brightening your face!

FOUR // This hand-painted personalized straw bag from Etsy has been a top seller for me year after year. So much so that they’ve even put my photo on the listing. 😂 It makes the best under $100 gift idea for a sunny trip, bride-to-be, stylish mom, you name it!

FIVE // These Lululemon high-rise flare pants are hands-down the most flattering pants I own. They make your booty pop and hug your legs in such a slimming way. I wear the size four which fits like an XS.

Your Top 5 Most Purchased Amazon Items

ONE // You guys bought this hair wax stick like crazy this year, as it’s my favorite for slicking back fly-aways in my hair to do a slick bun. It doesn’t make your hair greasy and almost always on sale for under $10, a win, win!

TWO // Once again, these chin masks are a crowd favorite. I keep them in the fridge and put one on whenever I have a big event approaching, and I swear they tone down my double-chin SO much and give me a sculpted, firm jawline. They’re magical.

THREE // Ah I’m sure you’ve heard me rave about this tinted sunscreen at some point. It wears well alone (with light coverage) or you can mix it with your foundation for a more full-coverage look. It literally goes on smooth as butter and has the reliable CeraVe name behind it!

FOUR // I reach for one of these dermaplaning face razors at least once a week, to shave off my peach fuzz and any rogue eyebrow hairs. They’re gentle but super effective at making your skin feel smooth as a baby’s butt (without making your hair grow back as fast), and your foundation will literally glide on after dermaplaning with one!

FIVE // The ever-popular travel duffel that I used time and time again on trips throughout the year. It’s the perfect carry-on size, can fit underneath an airplane seat, and truly fits it ALL (see this Instagram post). I shared all of my Amazon travel/long-flight must-haves in one of my most read blog posts this year as well!

My Top 5 Personal Favorites

ONE // Of course I have to kick off my personal favorites with the “Amy” earrings I designed as part of my Lisi Lerch earring collection that launched in November. They coordinate with my engagement ring (but as the fashion jewelry version!) and look like they could be vintage. The sparkle is also BEYOND (see it here!), and they come in gold and pink versions as well, because of course. 😉

TWO // I went on a foundation trial-and-error journey leading up to my wedding, and tried about five different highly recommended brands. I have to say that the Armani Luminous Silk Perfect Glow Flawless Oil-Free Foundation has been far and away the most natural, glowy, and flawless of them all. It feels like you’re not wearing any makeup, but gives you a doll-like complexion that really just looks like your skin is airbrushed. I wear color 4.75, and mix in with this halo glow liquid filter darker or lighter, depending on my tan.

THREE // I did this juice cleanse a number of times throughout the year and it always left me feeling rejuvenated, detoxed, and overall less “bleh.” The company is actually run by a New Jersey-based father/daughter duo, but they ship from Amazon and usually have deals on there. I also would lose around five pounds each time I did it, so it’s effective at diminishing water weight/bloating. Of course I would consult your doctor before trying it, especially if you’ve yet to do a juice cleanse!

FOUR // These chic nude heels saw me through so many events this year, and are hands-down the most comfortable pair of heels that I own. I bought them to wear to my bridesmaid luncheon the day before our wedding, and then continued to get a ton of wear out of them with all kinds of dressy outfits after that. They’re designed to the contours of a women’s foot, with the intention that you should be able to wear them all day without any discomfort. The heel is the perfect height (IMO) at 3″, and the shade of nude elongates my legs, but it also comes in three other colors!

FIVE // I have a love/hate relationship with Solidcore, but it remains to be the hardest, most intense workout I’ve tried yet. And believe me, this year I tried them ALL. It’s incredibly effective if your goal is gaining intentional strength. It’s dark, the music is really good, and it’s like pilates x100. I coupled it with DanceBody (which was part of my 2022 personal favorites!) and it’s extremely effective at making your core (and entire body) stronger than ever.