Cobbler's Cove Barbados

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Experiencing Major Wanderlust

Maybe it’s that we’re coming up on a year of staying home during the pandemic, or that we’re in the depths of winter right now, but I am feeling extra day dreamy about traveling right now. I honestly didn’t even realize how much my past travels, and sharing those experiences with you all, brought me joy and inspired me until this year.

It’s given me such a greater appreciation for both my past travels, and also the future travels that I will hold so closely once it’s safe to do so. I’ve managed to get in a few East Coast trips this year, to places like Newport, RI and Williamsburg, VA, and was so grateful for them and the safety precautions and regulations that made them possible.

But now I am scheming up all of the future destinations I’d love to explore (some maybe years from now!), and thought it might be fun to list them out and share with you here. I’m betting I’m not the only one who loves a little frivolous bucket list planning in the middle of a cold February 😊.

This post is just that, so enjoy and be sure to share your dream destinations with me as well– I’d love to hear them!

Cobbler's Cove Barbados

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My mom, sister, and I had a trip to Barbados planned for last June and we want to reschedule it for as soon as we can! I included images in this post from Cobbler’s Cove, which has been a bucket list hotel destination of mine for years. It’s an English boutique hotel that was decorated by Soane Britain and epitomizes breezy island beauty. Plus, so much of it is pink and white! I’ve also looked into the Fairmont Royal Pavilion as well– which sits on an absolutely stunning beach and was recently renovated to perfection!


Not to sound like a broken record with cancelled trips, but we were supposed to go to Greece as a family for my sister’s graduation last spring. I can not even remember a time that Greece wasn’t at the tippy top of my bucket list, and I already know that the Hotel Nissaki and the Atrina Canava 1894 are both on our short list of places to stay!


I feel like I’m seeing more and more people visit Mexico now, and it’s enticing because there are so many direct flights from NYC! I know that The Grand Moon Palace is supposed to be an over-the-top amazing five star all-inclusive resort. It looks like they are also offering complimentary rapid tests once you arrive to the resort as well!


When I shared my goals for 2021 in January, I mentioned that I want to take a solo trip at some point. So naturally I’m thinking it should be boujee and and over-the-top, right?! What better than… Paris? Of course this is just a pipe dream, but fun to imagine nonetheless. It’s truly such a magical and special city that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting for my 13th birthday and then for Paris Fashion Week when I was studying abroad. During those trips I stayed at Hôtel Duc de Saint Simon (an 18th century townhouse turned boutique hotel in Saint Germain!) and ELIEL, a glam B&B owned by the sweetest woman, Sabine. I would highly recommend both! Here’s my Paris Travel Diary Part 1 and Part 2 in case you’re interested– they’re such throwbacks! Taking any and all hotel recommendations for my imaginary (?!) future solo trip! 😊

St. Maarten– 

Another island oasis that has been on my mind recently… particularly because of this insane villa, Villa Fantome, (note the touches of Lilly Pulitzer décor!) and the island’s proximity to St. Barths, which you can get to via ferry. I’ve been to the french side of the island, St Martin, once before, but years ago when I was in high school, and have yet to experience the stunning Dutch side as well!

Travel Favorites

While we’re on the topic, here are a few of my tried-and-true travel staples. It’s never too early to start dreaming up and manifesting future adventures! xx