Cocktail Hour #2

An outfit post, life updates, wellness tidbits, and shopping scores... welcome to the 2nd Cocktail Hour!

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Two piece ruffle set and Hermes Oran sandal dupes

Two piece ruffle set and Hermes Oran sandal dupes

Two piece ruffle set and Hermes Oran sandal dupes

Two piece ruffle set and Hermes Oran sandal dupes

Two piece ruffle set and Hermes Oran sandal dupes

Two piece ruffle set and Hermes Oran sandal dupes

Two piece ruffle set and Hermes Oran sandal dupes

Two piece ruffle set and Hermes Oran sandal dupes

Two piece ruffle set and Hermes Oran sandal dupes

Outfit Details: top: Revolve {wearing the XS} // skirt: Revolve {wearing the XS} // basket bag: Lindroth Designs // new + real version here, consignment version here, dupe version here // similar diamond necklace  // sunglasses: Anthropologie {unfortunately sold out, but a similar darker version for under $40 here}

See my first Cocktail Hour post before reading this– it explains the concept behind these! Hope you enjoy this one. 🙂

Cocktail of the Week:

I had the “Hummer” at The Rafters Bar on John’s Island this weekend and it can best be described as an alcoholic milkshake. It’s Bacardi rum, Kahlúa, vanilla ice cream, and ice. HELOOO heaven. See a recipe for it here (it has such an interesting history too!).

Life Updates:

This past week I actually felt like I was very productive and balanced work/blog life/personal life well (OMG did I just type that, this will definitely not last haha). To be completely transparent, I have been in kind of a new-year’s slump since the 1st of the year, and have been randomly very sad for no warranted reasons– just not functioning at my normally high frequency and high happiness self. I’ve been realizing that it’s totally OK to not be OK every once in a while and even exceptionally positive people can have sad days for no major reason at all. The upside is that I think I’m pushing through and have become a lot stronger from it. Turns out there is strength in slumps! I am putting some action behind making myself happier and doing a few things that make me smile without fail: like seeing my parents, being by the beach, and working on some creative side-projects.

Pit of the Week:

This pit is kind of dumb ha but it frustrated me nonetheless. I was expecting mail (multiple packages from different vendors) that I wanted to bring with me to Florida so I could style and photograph it on Sunday (there are few more gorgeous places for a shoot than Vero). The packages were all due to arrive to my apartment in Philly by Thursday at the latest, but they all arrived late and I went to Florida without them which set me back a few weeks on a side project I’ve been working on. Again, such a silly thing to be frustrated by, as timelines get pushed back all the time, but some pits are more surface level than others and that’s okay. 

Peak of the Week:

I got to work from my home in Florida on Friday and that really just made my whole week. There’s nothing like sitting with your dog to make answering emails feel like the happiest task ever. I also got my mom to skip tennis on Sunday afternoon and go into town for ice cream and a coffee. Is there anything better?! ALSO I just wanted to say how wonderful it’s been to hear everyone’s feedback to my how to land your dream internship tips blog post. I wish I had had something like it when I was applying so I am thrilled that I got to share it with some of you in college. That’s been a definite peak so thank you. 🙂

Wellness Tidbit of the Week:

Whenever I travel and sleep in a place that’s not my bed in my apartment, I bring this Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and spray it on my pillow a few times before I go to sleep. It smells like lavender and is so pleasant and calming to inhale as you fall asleep. Worth the investment, trust me.

Favorite Thing Seen on the Internet This Week:

I saw this Long Beach Island house featured in Coastal Living (one of my co-workers who also goes to LBI told me about it) and it’s so beyond stunning! I adore all of the soft ocean blues and rattan statement pieces throughout the house. It was a nice mid-winter reminder of my favorite little beach island. 🙂

Best Deal of the Week:

These Tory Burch riding boots for under $200 and this Tory Burch tassel sweater that comes in three colors. HELLO gorgeous.

IBIP Obsession of the Week:

This pineapple straw Free People bag. You guys, I have to have it. It’s not unreasonably priced either! ALSO, these hot pink elephant espadrilles my mom wore in Florida. I’m trunk in love with them.

Your Favorite Item Seen on IBIP This Week:

These metallic denim leggings. They’re currently 40% off so they’re $28 and run true to size– I got the small in the color ‘gunmetal’ and they’re not too big. Such a fun and sparkly pair of pants to spice up your winter wardrobe!