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Life Lately 3.28.20

Sharing a life update about this unpredictable time, along with a roundup of my recent blog posts, purchases, and Amazon finds.

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Albion Fit yellow swimsuit in Vero Beach, FL
Albion Fit yellow swimsuit in Vero Beach, FL
Albion Fit yellow swimsuit in Vero Beach, FL
Albion Fit yellow swimsuit in Vero Beach, FL
Albion Fit yellow swimsuit in Vero Beach, FL
Albion Fit yellow swimsuit in Vero Beach, FL

^ sitting on our back patio, sans snake (keep reading 😊)

Outfit Details: bikini top: Albion Fit c/o // bikini bottoms: Albion Fit c/o // earrings: Mud Pie c/o // pitcher: Serena & Lily c/o // glass: Amanda Lindroth // glasses: Ray-Ban 

Here’s the short history behind this blog post series. I used to have a series on the blog called “Cocktail Hour” in which I shared my peak/pits as of late, as well as my cocktail of the week, wellness tidbit, favorite things seen on the internet, best deal of the week, etc. They were really fun to write and put together, but often took too long for me to get up regularly (#life).

SO, I wanted to start doing an abbreviated version and started calling them “Life Lately” posts. They now entail a life update, as well as my recent blog posts, purchases, and Amazon finds. Half real life, half shopping. Sounds like the ideal formula for my favorite type of blog post. 😊Hope you enjoy it as much as I love putting it together for you!

Life Lately: 3.28.20

I just want to take a second to share some of the phrases that were in my last Life Lately post that I shared at the start of February:

“I feel like 2020 has been off to a busy and promising start.”

“I’m looking forward to a hopefully quieter February.”

“I have a few fun trips on the horizon. (I kind of think that 2020 will be the year of travel for me?!)”

“Dreams are coming TRUE in 2020, so we shall see!”

Like, did I completely jinx us with that OVERLY-OPTIMISTIC post?! 😊 I read that back last night & couldn’t believe what I had said!! All jokes aside, it has been very clear that February and March have turned out quite differently from what I was envisioning when I went cheerfully into the second month of the new year.

So here’s the current state of things: I have been hunkered down in Florida with my family for the past two weeks, and am very thankful that we are all together and have been healthy so far (if this post jinxes me again I swear to gosh…). I am working from home for Lilly and trying to keep things as upbeat as possible with all of my blog content. I believe that the purpose of my blog is to celebrate a positive and colorful life, and we need that mentality now more than ever.

Thankfully, Johnny got to Florida at the same time I did and he’s been doing the same with his family, a few miles down the road from us. I’ve been really trying to count my daily gratitudes (no matter how small!) and enjoy this time with my family and his.

We are honestly just taking things day by day, as everything in the world around us keeps changing. We know that the best thing we can do right now is to stay put, take care of ourselves, and support and pray for those who are either effected, or who are directly helping those who are effected.

My heart truly goes out to everyone who is sick, who has lost a family member or friend, and all of the unbelievably brave and heroic health care workers who we will be forever indebted to. If you take anything away from this blog post, let it be that I am praying for them (and everyone else) every day.

I promise to keep the rest of this post light… a major pit of this current scenario (besides all of the impending unknowns of course) has probably been the Florida wildlife that we have around our house 😊. I was on a team-wide video call last week when a 3-foot long black snake slithered out onto our patio while my family was sitting out there. Let’s just say that I had to put myself on mute for about 15 minutes while they outright shrieked and attempted to capture the snake with the help of our neighbors.

A major lighthearted peak has been the beautiful weather we’ve been having. I have only sat outside once or twice since being here (one of my default coping mechanisms when I can’t control something is to do more and more work– which isn’t always a good thing, I know), but the sunshine that streams into our windows has done miracles for my mood.

I have also had time to start two new TV shows (which I usually don’t get to do), The Crown and Little Fires Everywhere. Why I haven’t watched The Crown before now is beyond me (it is so up my alley– the outfits!), and I am Reese Witherspoon’s #1 fan (and adore Kerry Washington!) so of course I’m loving Little Fires Everywhere so far.

As of right now, I don’t really know how much longer I will be here. As soon as it’s safe to travel domestically again, I will be heading back to Philadelphia. I already had a lot of exciting upcoming changes in the works for this spring/summer, and am optimistic that those will still come to fruition. I am faithful that God’s timing is perfect and His plan for us is so much better than anything we could think up ourselves, and that’s what gives me the most hope with everything that’s going on.

I have so loved hearing from all of you during this crazy time, and appreciate every DM, email, and kind comment you leave me. Please continue to let me know how I can best help you (no matter how big or small the ask), and I promise to keep sharing things that are uplifting, frivolous, helpful, distracting, and full of hope for the future.

Hang in there and just keep doing the next best thing that makes you happy or spreads some kindness to someone else. 😊 xx

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  • I just got this olive green baseball cap, which I’ve seen at other retailers but for much higher prices– I’m thinking it will hide the dirty hair I’ve been rocking recently (also I’m just on a huge olive green kick right now)
  • I also bought this bubblegum pink smocked ruffle dress… it just made me happy 😊
  • Loving this adorable blue + white pajama set as a good option for “daytime PJs” 😊

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